Snick: A Saturday Night Dream

Memories of watching Snick and all of the great shows.
November 08, 2007
Some of my childhoods best memories came on Saturday night. These Saturday nights were spent strictly on the couch, glued to our small 27" television, watching hours of Snick with my sister. The evening would begin early around 7. This was when Doug came on, our favorite cartoon. I still remember to this day watching the episode where Doug and Skeeter want to go to the Beets concert, so they call in to the radio station to try and win tickets. They answer the first two questions correctly, but then they get to the third question and struggle. They couldn't think of the answer, so they just said "Beats Me". Low and behold, that was the answer. I can remember my sister and I being completely shocked and surprised that they got the answer right.

7:30 meant Rugrats was on. To be honest, I didn't like the show at first because I was all about Doug. However, it really grew on me and became one of my favorites. I always loved episodes that Reptar was in; especially when he gets loose in the toy store. Or when Chucky was afraid to go down the big slide at the park. There are too many good episodes to even begin to name.

Rugrats was the last cartoon they aired (and I apologize if I mixed the order of Doug and Rugrats). I'm not sure if they were considered a part of Snick, but my sister and I sure did. After Rigrats would end, our babysitter would go into the cupboard and pull out popcorn for a special treat. We would about throw up with excitement when we had Pop Qwiz, which had different colored popcorn. We would always guess which color popcorn was inside, but we usually were wrong.
With popcorn in hand, we sat down ready for All That. Once again, I wasn't a big fan at first. But once again it grew on me. Some of my favorite segments were Ear Boy and of course "Welcome to Good Burger home of the Good Burger can I take your order". To this day I remember a skit that I believe only appeared once, but left my sister and myself rolling on the ground in tears. It dealt with a new workout tool called The Board, and those who saw it are truly blessed.

Kenan and Kel was next, and became an instant hit with both my sister and myself. I would constantly quote the show, especially the whole "Who loves orange soda" deal. I especially remember the episode where Kenan and Kel get on a winder washer hanger (sorry I don't know the exact term) to hang a sign pronouncing Kenan's love for a girl. They get the sign hung up when all of a sudden Kel rips the sign, turning the girls name into a guys name. I thought it was hilarious.

Finally, if my sister and I were lucky enough, we could stay up and watch Are You Afraid of the Dark. This was the ultimate way to end Snick. Nearly every episode we thought was scary, especially the one where the vampire comes out of the movie and chases the kids around the old theatre. The image of the vampire, with his long fingernails, sharp teeth, and which skin left permanent scars on both my sister and myself.

Snick was now over, and so was our night. We'd accomplished a lot though. We'd traveled everywhere from the Honker Burger to Watcher's Woods, and everywhere in between. With the conclusion of Snick came that longing feeling for the next Saturday night and more Pop Qwiz.
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