Mad Monster Party?
Release: March 08, 1967
Release: March 08, 1967

When Baron Von Frankenstein discovers the formula for a powerful anti-matter potion, he gathers all of the monsters -- and his nebbish nephew Felix -- for a party to announce his retirement. But the monsters aren't happy that he's named Felix as his successor, so they scheme to rub out the mortal. This 'animagic' feature from Rankin/Bass (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) bombed theatrically but got a cult following from airings on TV, as well as on video & DVD. Director Tim Burton cites this as the inspiration for THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS. Followed by the animated prequel MAD, MAD, MAD MONSTERS.The voices in this movie were performed by Phyiliss Diller,Gale Garrett,Boris Karloff and Allen Swift.

Francesca Felix: "Francesca: Felix, you saved my life. Felix: Don't thank me, thank my pills. [They kiss] Don't thank my pills, thank me. -Francesca Felix"
Dracula Francesca: "Dracula: What kind of a monster is he? A ghoul? A demon? A spook, or...? Francesca: A human. Dracula: They're the worst kind. -Dracula Francesca"
Yetch Francesca: "Yetch: It's me, your Don Juan. Francesca: I Don Juan to look at you. -Yetch Francesca"
Felix Frankenstein: "'I'll kill myself.' 'No, Felix, don't kill yourself.' ' Who's going to kill myself? I just said that because I didn't think anyone could hear me.' -Felix Frankenstein"
Mr. Hyde Felix Flanken: "Mr. Hyde: Hyde. Hyde. Felix Flanken: Hide? You want me to hide? Well if you want to play games, you must be feeling better. Certainly don't look it. Okay, I'll hide and you try and find me. -Mr. Hyde Felix Flanken"
Dracula: "Um... Due to the dilapidated condition of my wallet... Er, your ship. I think I had better fly. -Dracula"
Yetch: "[Invisible Man is hit with a pie, revealing his face] No wonder you're invisible. You're ugly and revolting and disgusting. -Yetch"
Yetch: "Into the air, zombie bird man. -Yetch"
Felix Flanken Invisible Man: "'Sorry, I can't see a thing without my glasses.' 'I've heard that one before.' -Felix Flanken Invisible Man"
Yetch Dracula: "'Point of order. Point of information. Point of importance.' 'Speak up and stop pointing.' -Yetch Dracula"
The Monster's Mate: "Remember what happened the last time you had a roving eye? I kept it in a jar for a week. Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha. -The Monster's Mate"
Felix Flanken: "I know it's wrong, but I have a tremendous urge to sing "Auld Lang Syne". -Felix Flanken"
Francesca Felix Flanken: "'I'm just a machine with hundreds of parts that will eventually wear out.' 'Well, Francesca, none of us are perfect. [Click] Are perfect- [Click] Are perfect- [Click] Are perfect- [Click] Are perfect- [Click] Are perfect...' -Francesca Felix Flanken"
Dracula: "I'd give my eye teeth to possess that secret formula. -Dracula"
Felix Flanken: "If I ever get out of this mess alive, I'll never hack and chop in a jungle again. -Felix Flanken"
Felix Flanken: "So, you recognize this vile, vile vial, eh? -Felix Flanken"
Dracula: "Francesca, you have always been my type. O-negative, isn't it? -Dracula"
The Monster's Mate: "I don't know how he got his invitation. He has an unlisted tomb. Ha ha ha ha. -The Monster's Mate"
Felix Flanken: "Uncle, I may have the blood for the job, but I sure don't have the stomach for it. -Felix Flanken"
Baron von Frankenstein The Monster's Mate Francesca: "'Aw, my dear, you look so... Er, ghastly.' '[flattered] Oh, doctor.' 'Oh, brother.' -Baron von Frankenstein The Monster's Mate Francesca"
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