Release: June 13, 1980

Meat Loaf, in his first leading part as film actor, plays our hero, Travis W. Redfish, a vigorous, hell-raising, beer truck-driving Texan, whose musical knowledge (at least at the outset) is very limited -- for example, he thinks Alice Cooper is one of "Charlie's Angels." But it's his main skill -- mechanical wizardry -- which catapults him into those other worlds of music. Travis accidentally comes upon an extraordinary young lady (Kaki Hunter, Porky's), proudly boasting the self-imposed title of groupie (she never actually does what groupies are allegedly famous for) and he's hooked quicker than you can say amplification. Through a series of events (he proves to have all the qualifications of a much-needed roadie), she is forced to lure him into joining the Rock'n'Roll Circus (for whom she groupies) and he thus leaves his eccentric family and their equally mind-boggling home to find himself ensconced in an even more outlandish society. Travis, whose entire universe has been confined to central Texas, suddenly finds himself a fellow traveler -- winging and riding from Los Angeles to New York with stopovers in between. Also stars Art Carney, Alice Cooper, Deborah Harry (and Blondie), Asleep at the Wheel, and Don Cornelius.

Lola: "I'm not a narc, I'm a virgin! -Lola"
Travis W. Redfish: "Alice Cooper? She's one of Charlie's Angels? -Travis W. Redfish"
Travis W. Redfish: "My bowling ball's frozen in a footlocker in Ohio. -Travis W. Redfish"
Travis W. Redfish: "Naked sailors that pass in the night are sometimes scared shipless. -Travis W. Redfish"
Travis W. Redfish: "Everything works if you let it. -Travis W. Redfish"
Travis W. Redfish: "Why is my life so much tougher than everybody else's? -Travis W. Redfish"
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