Blue Steel
Release: March 16, 1990
Release: March 16, 1990

Although this movie was released in 1990, it has a 1989 copyright date, so I'm including it in the 80s section. This movie is about a police officer named Megan Turner (Jamie Lee Curtis). While doing her job, she becomes entangled with a murderer named Eugene Hunt (Ron Silver). He becomes obsessed with her to an almost deadly level.

Attorney Mel Dawson: "If you even talk to my client Detective, you will be directing traffic on the BQE for the rest of your career."
Nick Mann: "You know what I love about this town? You can throw a stick up in the air and it will land either on a taxicab or an ambulance."
Eugene Hunt: "Death is the biggest kick of all. That's why they saved it for last."
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