Ghost Dad
Release: June 29, 1990

Elliot Hopper is a widower with three children, he is currently working on a deal. It seems like his wife illness was very costly and this deal could put them out of the red. However he gets into a cab that is driven by a maniac, and Elliot crashes into a river. Elliot is sent back so that he could finish the deal and make sure that his children are taken care of.

Elliot: "Please Sir Edith?"
Sir Edith: "It's Sir Ed-ith."
Elliot: "But on the book it's spelled Edith."
Sir Edith: "But it is pronounced Ed-ith!"
Elliot: "But it is a girls name."
Sir Edith: "Look here, Edith is not a girls name. Edith is a boys name."
Elliot: "Who were you named after?"
Sir Edith: "I was named after my grand mama."
Elliot: "And they called her Ed-ith?"
Sir Edith: "No they called her Edith."
Elliot: "So you see it is a girls name."
Sir Edith: "Noooo! It's Not!!"
Diane(daughter): "Are you just going to situp all night?"
Elliot: "I'm a ghost it's my job."
Curtis: "Evil Master i am yours to command."
Elliot: "I command you to go to hell and sit on a hot coal wait until it snows."
Curtis: "Ooooh!, Yess!, Master! Yes! Yes! Yes!"
Elliot: "My father on my 9th birthday dressed up in a bunny costume for a whole week."
Danny(son): "A whole week?"
Elliot: "A whole week!, because his zipper was stuck."
Sir Edith: "I sensed a disturdance in the spirit ether. Which is almost always a sure sign of intercorporeal maltransference."
Elliot: "Huh, What?"
Sir Edith: "It means they screwed up!"
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