To Live and Die in L.A.
Release: November 01, 1985

Rick/Eric Masters is a murderous counterfeitor. Federal Agent Richard Chance has been tracking him for quite a while now. When Masters murders Chance's partner, Richard will stop at nothing to get revenge. This movie is probably most notable for a violent twist ending that shocked audiences and the executives at MGM/UA. Cast overview, first billed only: William L. Petersen .... Richard Chance Willem Dafoe .... Eric 'Rick' Masters John Pankow .... John Vukovich Debra Feuer .... Bianca Torres John Turturro .... Carl Cody Darlanne Fluegel .... Ruth Lanier Dean Stockwell .... Bob Grimes Steve James .... Jeff Rice Robert Downey Sr. .... Thomas Bateman (as Robert Downey) Michael Greene .... Jim Hart Christopher Allport .... Max Waxman Jack Hoar .... Jack Valentin de Vargas .... Judge Filo Cedillo (as Val DeVargas) Dwier Brown .... Doctor Michael Chong .... Thomas Ling

Chance: "(Looking at a Wrong Way sign on the freeway) We're going this way!"
Newscaster: "(Over the chaos on the freeway) There's a minor tie-up on the North Long Beach near Henry Ford. A couple of cars have tangled in traffic there. Shouldn't take too long to get this to the shoulder. A very simple affair, no injuries involved. Shouldn't cost you more than a couple of minutes, though, if you're heading North bound on 17."
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