Coming to America
Release: June 29, 1988
Release: June 29, 1988

Prince Akeem, future king of the country Zamunda, has reached the age when he should marry. There's a to-be-wife for him already chosen, but he doesn't want to marry her. He decides that in America he might find a more indepndent wife for himself. His childhood friend and servant Semmi escorts him into the dephts of Queens in New York. After some searching Akeem finds the woman he was looking for, Lisa. The next day Prince Akeem and Semmi both of them start working at McDowell's,Lisa's father's restaurant, as poor univerity students from Africa. Akeem spends a lot of time and effort on getting Lisa to notice and fall in love with him.

Topless female: "The royal penis is clean your highness"
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Simee: "Hippopotamus sh*t!"
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McDowell: "Son, I'm just gonna tell you this one time."
Akeem: "Yes?"
McDowell: "You want to keep working here? Stay off the drugs!"
Akeem: "Yes sir!"
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Akeem: "Oh, it was most exhilarating! The Giants of New York took on the Packers of Green Bay, and in the end, the Giants triumphed by kicking an oblong ball made of pigskin through a big H! It was a most gripping victory!"
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Akeem: "(To McDowell) Sir, I was wondering, did you happen to catch the professional football contest on television last night?"
McDowell: "No, I didn't."
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darryl: "what kind of games did you play in africa. chase the monkey. -darryl"
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King of Zamunda: "Who am I to change the rules? (Queen of Zamunda) I thought you were the King. -King of Zamunda"
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Barber (Eddie Murphy): "F you, F you, and F you! Who's next? -Barber (Eddie Murphy)"
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Barber Shop worker: "NO YOU DID NOT meet Dr. Martin Luther the King! -Barber Shop worker"
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Prince Akeem: "Bark like a dog....a little dog. -Prince Akeem"
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Don Ameche: "Norbert! We're back on top! -Don Ameche"
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Randy Watson: "And while yall are in the clapping mood, how bout a big round of applause for my band.....SEXUAL CHOCOLATE -Randy Watson"
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Bather: "The royal penis is clean Your Highness -Bather"
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10 years, 5 months ago
Another One Of My Favorite Movie's. Expecially Eddie Murphey He has Done an Amaging job. Doing This movie. However.

He was Wealth, And Living The Good Life.
    11 years, 6 months ago
    I thought the funniest part of the movie was, when they put their luggage on the steps of the building in Harlem and the bags go missing. the next day the people in the neighborhood have the nerve to wear the clothes they took. So true to life, that is why it was so funny!
      13 years, 3 months ago
      this movie was funny as hell i watch it all the time...
        13 years, 7 months ago
        I was 13 when this movie came out I thought it was hilarious!
          13 years, 10 months ago
          Hilarious movie. This is one of Eddie's best movies. He made me laugh so hard in this movie and Arsenio Hall was the funniest too. He made me laugh so hard in almost every scene.
            14 years ago
   stil is one of Murphy's GOOD movies,though the concept to create non-existent countries ?
              14 years, 9 months ago
              F*** you, f*** you, f*** who's next! lmao, I love when one of the barbers puts the chicken wing into the collection plate
                15 years, 1 month ago
                " I believe the children of the future".

                LOL! That part is hilarious.
                  15 years, 1 month ago
                  The royal penis is now cleaned your highness.
                  What does Dumb F**k mean?
                  OMG soooo funny!!!
                    15 years, 11 months ago
                    Haha, the movie is like quote city. One of the funniest.
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