Hey Arnold!: The Movie
Release: June 28, 2002

Based on the 1996 Nickelodeon TV series. Arnold and Gerald are on their way back home from a basketball game when they notice the neighborhood abuzz. A real-estate mogul named Scheck, president of Future Tech Industries (FTi) wants to buy all of Arnold's neighborhood and convert it into a giant shopping mall, forcing all the citizens out and the mayor has already approved the plan. Helga is also disappointed to find out her father is working with Scheck to build a beeper store in the new mall. Not wanting to see everyone's homes be destroyed Arnold and Gerald venture out to prove that their neighborhood is a historic landmark, but the man who has the documents to prove it is Scheck himself!

Arnold: "Some old things are great."
Harold: "Yeah, like Miss Datillo."
Miss Datillo: "(smack)Whippersnapper!"
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Arnold: "This is OUR neighborhood and we're not going to give it up without a fight!"
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Helga: "I love you! LOVE you! Who else do you think has been stalking you night and day building shrines to you in a closet filled with poems about you? I love you Arnold, I've ALWAYS loved you ever since I first laid eyes on your STUPID football head!"
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