Ernest Rides Again
Release: January 01, 1993

Ernest P. Worrell (Jim Varney) inadvertently finds the long-missing British crown jewels (the tower of London contains fake jewels, according to the film) after he stumbles over a half-buried cannon from the Revolutionary War on the campus of the university where he works. This dim-bulbed comedy (the fifth in the Ernest film series) chronicles his bungling adventures.

Ernest: "Oh, no, it's that crazy doctor, in the Batmobile."
Dr. Abner Mellon to Ernest when riding on a cannon: "You need a CAT Scan, Ernest!"
Chorus at the beginning: "There once was a man named Ernest--Ernest P. Worrell! -Chorus at the beginning"
Mighty Workboy Salesmen: "(song) Oh, I'm the Mighty Workboy, and I will work for you! I'll handle all your vaccuming, and wash your dishes, too! -Mighty Workboy Salesmen"
Ernest: "Hey, ya got somethin' on yer shirt... -Ernest"
Ernest: "Hey...hey, Dr. Melon! Isn't this one of those lizards that if you pull the tail off, it'll grow another lizard? -Ernest"
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