The Monster Squad
Release: December 15, 1987

Sean Crenshaw and his friends are completely obsessed with monsters and are pretty much outcast in society. However when strange things start to stir up the town Sean realizes that there are real monsters in his town but not just any normal monsters. Dracula, Frankenstein's Monster, The Mummy, The Wolf Man and the Gill Man are all real and plan to destroy the balance of Good and Evil in the world. Sean and his friends (Rudy, Horace, Patrick & Eugene) create The Monster Squad and prepare to fight off the evil horde with their knowledge and weapons. Directed by Fred Dekker. Cast: Sean Crenshaw - Andre Gower Patrick - Robby Kiger Del Crenshaw - Steven Macht Dracula - Duncan Regehr Frankenstien - Tom Noonan Horace - Brent Chalem Rudy - Ryan Lambert Phoebe Crenshaw - Ashley Bank Eugene - Michael Faustino Emily Crenshaw - Mary Ellan Trainor Scary German Guy - Leonardo Cimino Desperate Man - Jon Gries Detective Sapir - Stan Shaw Patrick's Sister - Lisa Fuller E.J. - Jason Harvey Derek - Adam Carl Wolfman - Carl Thibault Gillman - Tom Woodruff Jr. Mummy - Michael Reid MacKay Van Helsing - Jack Gwillim Guy in Police Station #2 - Pat Gundy Jr.

frankenstein: "gimmie a break"
Rudy: "EAT IT, and we'll call it a day!"
Frank: "BOGUS!"
Rudy: "EAT IT, and we'll call it a day!"
Scary German Guy: "Boys, time is almost up. (shines large butcher knife) It's your last chance for pie."
Eugene: "Mummy came in my house..."
Rudy: "Sean, Where am I supposed to get silver bullets? K-Mart?"
Phoebe: "toontse ooce neiche vie! davinda! *shakes the amulet*"
Rudy: "Bye bye band-aid breath."
Horace: "Gentlemen, I'd just like to say three words: Scary, German, Guy."
Rudy: "Bang."
Frankenstien: "Bogus!"
Sean: "We're The Monster Squad!"
Principal: "Science is real, monsters are not."
Eugene: "Mummy came in my house."
Rudy: "I'm in the god damn club, aren't I?"
Horace: "Scary German Guy's bitchin'!"
Horace: "Your sister doesn't speak German, all she does is hang around and let guys touch her tits."
Patrick: "Aw man, Fat Kid farted!"
Cop: "2,000 year old dead guys do not get up and walk away by themselves!"
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