Pete's Dragon
Release: November 03, 1977

Lively musical comedy in which a magical and sometimes mischievous dragon named Elliott inadvertently causes chaos and confusion in Passamaquoddy, Maine. To help a young orphan named Pete break away from his evil foster parents, the Gogans, and find a happy home with Nora and her father, Lampie, in their lighthouse, Elliott must avoid the clutches of the greedy Dr. Terminus who wants to exploit him.

Pete: "Quit swinging your tail! You almost knocked me down!"
Pete: "NO! NO!"
Dr. Terminus: "YES! YES!"
Lampie: "You know anything about dragons?"
Dr. Terminus: "Of course I do. I see them in all the big cities going down the streets, with that funny little walk, wearing bright colors, fluttering around..."
Lampy (Brazzle Dazzle Day): "When your life becomes a frolick, you become a brass-a-holoc!"
Old Man: "A Dragon! A Dragon! I Dare I Saw a Dragon -Old Man"
Nora: ""It's a brazzle-dazzle day, so throw out the past and everything in it. That's the brazzle-dazzle way." -Nora"
Pete: "Now we're together, life is perfect; don't ever disappear. -Pete"
Nora: "I'll be your candle on the water, this flame inside of me will burn keep holding on you'll make it... -Nora"
gogans: "We got a bill of sales right here with dear little peties name... Nora: you cant have him you don't love him all you don't undenided and break his heart. -gogans"
Hoagey: "Half the kids in this town answers to the name of Pete. The other half don't answer. -Hoagey"
Pete and Mrs.Taylor: "Pete: It wasn't my fault, your skirt got caught on a nail. Mrs.Taylor: Yeah, your finger-nail! -Pete and Mrs.Taylor"
A Fisherman: "That kid's been nothing but bad luck whrerever he goes! -A Fisherman"
Mrs. Taylor: "Work, work, work, everyone. All this nonsense about a dragon. -Mrs. Taylor"
Dr. Terminus: "Pahhh-damuhquasi. NO, Paquamasoddy, No, no, Passamamassy, Uh, Quaddamapoddy, P-p-p-passamadaddy... -Dr. Terminus"
Pete: "Oh, I had one friend by my side. Now I have two, him and you. -Pete"
Pete: "He has the head of a camel, the neck of a crocodile... -Pete"
Pete: "I can't sell you Elliot. I don't own him. -Pete"
Lena Gogan: "That boy is our legal property, same as the family cow. -Lena Gogan"
Nora: "Well if there's enough room for a chowder-head like you, then there's more than enough room for a dragon. -Nora"
Pete: "The Gogans! -Pete"
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