A Journey to the Past

No pictures here....Just Truth...
September 03, 2008
Hello to all my fellow Kleons, Planeteers, Smurfs, Sayans, and muppets. If I have left your race or species out, please forgive me...There are so many of you and only one of me. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Nostalgia and this is my introspection.

I came upon this site my mere chance and was at once metaphysically brought back in time. I found myself in the Land of the Lost, not the show but the realm of childhood memory that to this day draws a smile. Where did you go? My Knights of Tir Na Nog, Rohan did you leave upon your dragon to your kingdom of Kells. Masters of the Universe where are you now? We need your strength once again to vanquish the mundane that has took over the sacred television. He-Man just lift your sword and utter those magical words "By the power of Grayskull!" and do away Hannah Montana, Avatar, and all those infernal creatures at Fosters home for imaginary friends. Pete and Pete, my afternoons are not complete without your brotherly antics. My favorite delicacies have you gone off discontinued? Would a Flintstones push up by any other color taste as sweet? As I ride upon Swift the trusty Fox back though time I see an era of originality...I become engulfed in a sensory overload....I see Snarf babbling incoherently....I can hear Rice Crispies chattering away about old times...I feel the perforations of an old Goosebumps book.

Got Milk? No. Milk it does a body Good. I remember. I cannot forgot. Coooookie Crisp! My mornings are dull without you. Super Mario, why did you trade in your cape for a water/jet pack? Where is Yoshi? Would you rather travel on a Go Kart? Geoffrey, I remember when you ruled the action figure kingdom with dictatorial impunity. Now a faceless behemoth rides to met out your destruction, a vast horde bearing only a ominous "W". What happened? my childhood allies? You helped me through those wearisome rainy days, you carried me aloft during boring summer repeats. I feel as though you have been abandoned and lost by your once cherished keepers. Though there are still a few that remember you. Who won't forget....

My journey is ending and I feel myself being drawn back to the present. My eternal bliss being shattered by a commercial for verizon cell phones...Alas I must go for now but I shall return....
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