Journey to the past Part 01

This was my childhood growing up
December 11, 2008
Since i can remember I have been watching tv, but nothing comes close to the memories of being 13 years old, we just came to australia from another country, settling in, trying to start our lives again, (i moved primary schools(year 1-6) yet again and life as a 4th grader was as fun as it could be. One day i came home after school to find one of the best suprises a kid like me could ever wish for! CABLE TV, at the time in Australia it was called GALAXY (does not exist any more). And thats where this article begins, cable tv changed my life.... sounds lame but im sure alot of you guys feel this way... i mean... imagine the 90's without cable tv and a Sega master system! (another article maybe).

So this article is a tribute to some of my favourite shows! (BEFORE TV WENT WHACK)

Widget the world watcher: After schools i would come home to a whole bunch of tv shows and cartoons not just on cable tv but also on the free to air channels and this was one of the shows, its a show that grabs you into your seat just by listening to the opening theme, which was so relaxing at the time, it had nice bright colours and the braid dude was always so funnie.

Who could forget ever forget tintin, i love this cartoon to this day, after hunting around for so long i ended up finding the complete series on DVD and buying it for my collection, all the missions and adventures he went on gave me inspiration to explore the world, just what a kid needs, unlike todays cartoons, which i dont need to comment on you guys allready know what im talking about. :)

Raggydolls: This next one.. still to this day i have no idea why i loved it as a kid, maybe the intro song, or maybe because i was bored but i watched this every day after school without fail. I can still remember the theme song to this day.

Ok guys i know im not the only one who actually liked Supergran... I have shown this to just about everyone of my friends and they have no clue who supergran was! It made me feel like a old hermit, and i actually watched an episode of this just the other week on youtube, i couldnt stop laughing it is so badly made! I guess as a kid you dont know any better but this show used to rock, anything with super powers as a kid BRING IT ON!

Bangers & Mash: Another catchy theme song for a cartoon, thats about it, i think i watched this one for the theme song.

Yeh who remembers Superted?? He was bad ass! So harmless as a normal bear but once superted he was unstopable :D

Lol Banaman ... another classic, i have read so many articles here and i cant believe i still havnt stumbled upon someone to mention banaman :D

The ones ive mentioned so far are ones I believe are rarely mentioned on this website, dont think i only liked these but i thought id talk about them because not many people have I also loved the following:

Are you a nick kid??

I can go on and on, but i'll leave it there, i hope you guys enjoyed this article or even recognise some of the shows here (apart from the obvious ones :) I tried hard to think of ones that stood out, i can say rugrats i can say batman and name all the disney ones, but im sure they have been brought up many times.

Thanks for reading guys and keep the good articles going!
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