Release: June 18, 1999
Release: June 18, 1999

Based on Edgar Rice Burrough's most popular novel, this is probably one of Disney's last best hand-drawn animated films. In the early 1900's, a family escapes a burning ship and lands on the coast of Africa.The mother and fathe adapt to their new home and build a splendid treehouse for their baby son. But shortly after, a leopard attacks and kills the parents, leaving the baby on its own. Kala, mate of kirjack, the leader of gorillas, had a son who was also a victim of the leopard. She comes across the treehouse and adopts the human child, naming him Tarzan. Tarzan is teased during his childhood in the jungle, he's often called "the hairless wonder" by his friend, Terk. Tarzan is determined to be the best ape there ever was. When he is an adult, he finally finds people like him and learns of their world. He falls in love with one of, a young woman named Jane. Hesoon learns that he must choose between leaving his home forever to be with Jane Porter in England or stay in the jungle and protect his family from the villainous hunter Clayton. Features a great score and songs from Phil Collins.

Tantor and Terk: "Tantor: "I've never felt so alive!" Terk: "Good! 'Cause I'm gonna kill ya!" -Tantor and Terk"
Terk: "What kind of primitive beasts are responsible for this mess? -Terk"
Tantor: "Now, pipe down and hang on tight! We've got a boat to catch. -Tantor"
all the gorillas: "KALA!!!!!!! -all the gorillas"
Jane: "Daddy, they took my boot! -Jane"
Elephant: "MY BUTT! -Elephant"
Tantor: "I'm tired of you and your emotional constipation! -Tantor"
Tantor: "Mom??! Are you sure this water's sanitary? It looks questionable to me! -Tantor"
Gorilla: "Stop hittin' yourself! Stop hittin' yourself! Stop hittin' yourself! -Gorilla"
Turk: "(singing) The fuuuuun has arriiiiived! Thank you very much! -Turk"
Jane and Professor: "Jane: ...And I was saved...I was saved by a flying wild-man in a loincloth... Prof.: Loincloth? Good lord! -Jane and Professor"
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