Puff the Magic Dragon
Release: October 30, 1978

Young Jackie Draper is child who can't communicate with anyone. Into his life comes Puff, the Magic Dragon, who takes the boy to the magical land of Honnah Lee, and the adventure changes young Jackie's life forever. Based on the hit song by Peter, Paul and Mary, and featuring the voice of Burgess Meredith as Puff, this animated special spawned two sequels (Puff the Magic Dragon in the Land of the Living Lies, Puff and the Incredible Mister Nobody) and was nominated for an Emmy Award.

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Jackie: "They are what they are because they feel so awful! Use your magic to make them better! -Jackie"
Puff: "Bow down low, get on your kneeses. You are now on the Isle of the Living Sneezes. -Puff"
Puff: "You may fail, but at least you will have made the effort. -Puff"
Puff: "Jackie, believe in yourself! Have the courage to try! That's the second step to not being afraid. -Puff"
Puff: "Soon she will be nothing more than a cinder, unless somehow she can be hung back on her orbit. -Puff"
Puff: "They're always happy when a star dies. -Puff"
Puff: "Like all small-spirited and stupid beings, they believe that they can deny beauty by hiding it. -Puff"
Puff: "The stars can fly a thousand, thousand times higher than those clouds could even imagine. -Puff"
Jackie: "I hate this old Sea of the Starless Skies! -Jackie"
Long John: "If only I could be a baker, instead of an evil, giant pirate! -Long John"
Puff: "I adore eating my words, but your pies are even better! -Puff"
Long John: "I'll destroy you! But first, I'll make you eat your words! -Long John"
Jackie: "You're a pretty good pirate, but a baker? Never! -Jackie"
Jackie: "Can you bake a cherry pie, Very Long John? -Jackie"
Long John: "Well, little boy, what are your last words? -Long John"
Puff: "Jackie, the first step in not being afraid is to see things as they really are. -Puff"
Long John: "Have no fear! I'll think of something terrible! -Long John"
Puff: "To find your way home, you must first find Honah Lee. -Puff"
Puff: "Didn't you know, once you set out for Honah Lee, there is no turning back? -Puff"
Singer: "Pirate ships would lower their flags when Puff roared out his name! -Singer"
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