The Temptations
Release: November 01, 1998
Release: November 01, 1998

Biography of the singers who formed the hit Motown muisical act, The Temptations.

David: "I'm the one sellin' the records. They're comin' to see me!"
Otis: "They're comin' to see The Temptations."
David: "Ain't nobody comin' to see you, Otis!"
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Paul: "Corn, it ain't about the money. Our music, that's who we are."
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David: "Without David Ruffin, y'all ain't nuthin'!"
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Eddie: "Otis is going to throw Paul away like Alabama trash; I won't let him. I'm trying to save Paul."
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David: "Without David Ruffin, y'all ain't nothin'!"
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Otis: "You ain't no Temptation no more!"
David: "Y'all ain't the same without me?"
Otis: "Oh yeah? Not the same, but nominated for a Grammy!"
David: "That's mine!"
Otis: "No, no. That ain't you on "Cloud Nine", now that's Dennis' voice!"
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David: "Are you crazy?"
Shelley: "I'm sorry."
David: "Y'all are stupid!"
Shelley: "David, please."
David: "Get off me! Y'all ain't nothin' without me, I made your a***s! You can't fire me! Do you hear me? DO YOU HEAR ME?! Y'all can't do me like this! You ungrateful son of a b***hes!"
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Eddie: "Makin' a big mistake, Otis."
Melvin: "Ain't no one man bigger than this group. Now you remember that."
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Otis: "Temptations...forever."
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