Top 10 Non-Disney Villians

Animated Non-Disney Villians
March 09, 2009
Villians are awesome. There's no doubt about it. Why? Maybe it's because we've always had that temptation to do something evil and nasty, and we had looked up to those villians.

Seeing that everybody has their own Top 10 Animated Disney Villians list, I've decided to make my own list that's dedicated to the cartoon villians NOT created by Disney. Excited? So am I, since I have finally learned how to put on pictures on these articles! Thank the Lord! Anyways, let's begin:

10. Holli Would from "Cool World" (1992)

This doodle chick's plan was to simply become real. She wants to feel real things, taste real things, and (of course) "do" real men. She wants to do this by having sex with a cartoonist who created her, known as Jack Deebs (Gabriel Byrne). What makes her a good villian is...well, look at her! She makes Jessica Rabbit look like ugly! And that's all ya need.

9. King Koopa from the Super Mario Cartoons (1988-1992)

God, what a lousy father, but yet a funny villian. What makes him funny is how he wants to be the baddest of bad, and yet he fails in every episode of all 3 cartoons featuring the super plumbers. As for the lousy father bit, if you remember watching the Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon, you can see how badly he treats all of his children. I wonder where the heck they are now?

King Koopa. If koopas had hair, King Koopa would've torn all of his out by now in anger.

8. King One-Eye from "The Thief and the Cobbler" (1995)

I'm having one of the scariest villians in history low on the list. Why? Because we hardly see this guy. The total amount of minutes we see him would be....8 minutes. tops. But the reason why I have this guy on here is because he is the guy who created the biggest, bad-ass war machine in the world!!!! Look it up yourself. You'll be wowed.

7. Mom from "Futurama" (1999-2004)

This is my favorite kind of villian. The villian that always hides their true identity. When the whole world sees Mom, they see her as a heart-warming old angel that cares about everyone...but when the Planet Express crew sees her, they see a smoking, nagging, skinny hag who constantly slaps her 3 sons! And I thought King Koopa was a bad parent! Mom is what makes the phrase "More than meets the Eye" go round and round.

Mom: Just be glad she isn't yours.

6. Hexxus from "FernGully: The Last Rainforest" (1992)

I don't have much to say about this guy. I mean...look at him! He looks like a living General's Advisory Warning. Hexxus is a good reason why we should save the rainforest....and stop smoking.

5. Everybody in Ralph Bakshi's Coonskin (1975)

This is one of adult animation legend Ralph Bakshi's greatest films, but one of the biggest problems of the film is that everybody is a villian. Anyone we see in "Coonskin" is either wanting to kill someone, have sex with someone, it's mass hysteria. Even the heroes are killing and shooting! Oh, well. That's Ralph Bakshi for ya. If you haven't seen "Coonskin" yet, I recommend it, but be ready for some nasty stuff.

4. The Noid from The Domino's Pizza's commercials

He tries to ruin pizzas. How evil can ya get?

3. The Grinch

This guy needs a hug. A BIG hug. I mean, this guy hates Christmas, hates the Whos down in Whoville, he even hates The Cat in the Hat! This guy is like that boss at your workplace and thinks that you shouldn't even exist!

But what DOES he like? Halloween. Or as HE likes to call it, "Grinch Night", as we see in the 70's special with the same name. But what does he do on "Grinch Night"? I don't we think we find out. I haven't seen the cartoon for SO long. I'll look at it later, but now, time for....

2. ZigZag, from "The Thief and the Cobbler (1995)

Now, I know King OneEye had a spot in this list, but this villian (voiced by legendary spookster Vincent Price) has more screen time, and has some of the best dialogue in the movie. In rhyme (let's see Dr. Seuss top this guy!).

Not to mention, Zigzag, is well animated. He always twists and turns, changes his skin colur whenever he's angry, and you should see him do a card trick!

Zigzag: The Ultimate Jafar Rip-off.

And the Number 1 Animated Non-Disney Villian is.....

1. Mok from "Rock and Rule" (1983)

Holy Cheese, was this guy scary and cool at the same time. He's the most charismatic, cold, and egomaniacal villian ever drawn. It's like seeing David Bowie, Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective", and Jafar from "Aladdin" mushed into one revolting rodent.

But what makes him so cool? Everything. His voice, his diabonical plot to rule the world,he's just the rock god that blows the other rock gods out of the water.

He also provides the movie the best songs ever. He gets 3! Just so cool.

If you haven't seen "Rock and Rule", I highly recommend it. Good animation, good songs, good characters, it's awesome. This coming from the people who did the "Care Bears" cartoon!

But if that doesn't convince you, Mok surely will. He's no man. He's the Magic Man.

Well that concludes my list of the top 10 Animated and Non-Disney villians. Thank you and may these villians haunt you forever. I mean....good night.
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