Leave it to Beaver
Release: December 15, 1997
Release: December 15, 1997

Beaver gets his heart set on a bicycle in the store window, but does not think his parents will shell out that money for it. Eddie Haskell tells him that if he sucks up to his father, by signing up for football, he will be sure to get the bike on his upcoming birthday. Beaver enrolls on the football team and doggedly endures the practices, despite his disadvantage of being smaller than most his teammates. As Eddie predicted, Ward is glad Beaver signed up for football, as evidenced by a brief fantasy Ward has of Beaver making a touchdown while several professional football players all fail to tackle him. However, the first game of the season ends poorly when Beaver passes the ball to a kid on the opposing team when he mistakingly remembered him as a friend from summer camp. On the first day of school five days later, Ward and June tell Wally to drop Beaver off and pick him up for a few days because he has never ridden his bike there before. At school Beaver sits beside a very pretty girl named Susan Akatsu and has a kind teacher named Miss Landers. After school Eddie asks Wally to come to the soda shop to see him flirt with Karen. Eddie does not want Beaver to follow them, so Wally leaves him alone at the bike rack telling him he will be back in a second. After his bike is stolen only Beaver and his friend can get it back. This is a cinematic remake of the 1950's TV series of the same name.

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