Sudden Impact
Release: December 09, 1983
Release: December 09, 1983

A vicious serial-killer is on the loose in San Francisco and the police trace a link to a small town further down the coast. When Harry Callahan upsets the press and the mayor in his usual style, he's shipped out of town to investigate while the heat is on. With the help of his new Magnum handgun Harry goes on the trail leaving behind the usual trail of dead criminals along the way.

Jennifer: "Need a lift?"
Young Driver: "Why, yes ma'am."
Jennifer: "Good...Then shove a jack up your ass!"
Briggs: "Think things over, Callahan. Get with it. It's a whole new ball game these days."
Harry: "Funny. I never thought of it as a game."
Ray: "(Talking to one of the rapists) Well, you were there too, dipping your wad."
Ray: "(To Harry) Come on, sailor. There must be something you want to ask me. You might get lucky!"
Harry: "Only with humans."
Ray: "(To Harry) Well hey there, cutie. Wanna buy me a drink?."
Harry: "Not today."
Senior Citizen: "(After Harry's bus chase) Best dang bus ride since I got put in that damn home."
Harry: "Damn Meathead."
Jennifer: "What did you call me?"
Harry: "I was talking to the dog."
Bartender: "You looking for trouble?"
Harry: "I'm looking for friends of George Wilburn."
Bar Patron #1: "You a cop?"
Bar Patron #2: "What he do?"
Harry: "He lost his balls. He got killed."
Rae Parkins: "I'm gonna make your face have its' first period! -Rae Parkins"
Dirty Harry Callahan: "Swell. -Dirty Harry Callahan"
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