Release: July 17, 1996
Release: July 17, 1996

Being a young boy in the 'hood', twelve-year-old Max Connor fools a gang of bullies who cornered him at school and finds out there was no jewlery at the teachers' supply closet. Max was chased by the bullies and leads them to an old warehouse where old antiques are dusted and broken. he bumps into an old boom box stereo and releases a 5,000 year old rappin' genie named Kazaam who'll grant him three wishes within his magic. Max refuses to belive that theres a genie in an old boom box but after a while he catches on and gets the hang of the wishing thing.

Max: "You're leaving. You can't. I haven't made my third wish yet!"
Kazaam: "But, you did. You wished for a second chance for your father. It was a perfect wish. It was a wish from your heart. And now, it's done."
Max: "Wait, you don't understand. What's happening to you?"
Kazaam: "I don't know. I just feel... I feel... free."
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Nick: "What the hell are you doing here? Are you looking for trouble?"
Max: "Dad, it was just gonna be you and I."
Nick: "There is no "you and I." Get out and stay out!"
Max: "But, Dad, you don't understand.."
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Kazaam: "WHO..DARE TO WAKE ME?!"
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Alice: "Nick, what the hell do you think you're doing?"
Nick: "This is between me and my boy."
Alice: "YOUR boy? You haven't seen him over a decade. You have no rights here!"
Nick: "This has nothing to do with you!"
Alice: "You want me to call the cops? I will!"
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Kazaam: "Hey, don't turn your butt on me!"
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Kazaam: "I'm Djinn, and I'm free."
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Max: "Uh, Unico? Unistan? Pakistan? Stan the man?"
Mrs. Duke: "Detention!"
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Kazaam: "In 5,000 years, you're the only friend I ever had; and when you needed me the most, I wasn't there. If I have to spent another 5,000 years in a lamp, a compass, or even that stupid boom box, I wouldn't care. I just wish I could've granted your wish. I wish I could've filled your heart; [speaks foreign]. You, you are the sultan's gold, Max. I... I am Kazaam."
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Nick: "You don't want to live my life, you got a choice. I don't. You understand? A guy like me, you can't just walk away and pretend all this didn't happen. Do you know how many cops would love to lock me up? All right, look. I want to tell you something. Let me tell you something. You get no second chances in life. You get no second chances, remember that."
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Kazaam: "Let's green egg and ham it."
Max: "You ARE a genie!"
Kazaam: "What's the matter, your tongue is broken? At a time like this, you should be stokin'."
Alice: "That's right, it's poisoned. I figured if I ended your suffering, mine would end too."
Kazaam: "Grab my belly and make a wish."
Max: "You smell like hippopotamus butt."
Kazaam: "*smells pit* Damn."
Max: "In that case, I wish I was big as you but not so stupid!"
Kazaam: "That's not a wish, that's an insult!"
Nick Matteo: "Tell me, you booked in or you just come out and scared the hell out of us."
School Bully: "Hey, I wanna talk to you!"
Kazaam: "You popped the box, so make a wish! Wish for a castle, a fancy chariot! I don't care what you do, I gotta obey the rules. I can't show my magic to anybody but you, and I can't get back into my box until you make your three wishes. Now deal with it!"
Max: "*riding his bike* Deal with this!"
Kazaam: "I AM KAZAAM!"
Max: "Listen, Mr. Psycopathic dork in the basement, I don't think you're ordering anybody!"
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