Beauty and the Beast
Release: April 01, 1987
Release: April 01, 1987

Before the animated film, this live-action film was released as part of the "Cannon Movie Tales" series. Beauty (Rebecca De Mornay) is the backbone of her family. Without her nothing is ever done and no one is ever on time. But when her father angers a beast (John Savage) living in an enchanted castle, Beauty takes his punishment. She leaves her family and lives in the castle where, for the first time in her life, she starts to think about what she really wants. With her host only appearing at supper time, Beauty finds her own ways to amuse herself, but at night she dreams of a lost prince who constantly asks for her help. Through her choices Beauty learns what is important and what wishing can accomplish.

Beast/Prince Beauty: "'You must love me... and give me proof of your love.' 'But I don't know you. I just met you... Perhaps, when I know you better, I will love you...' -Beast/Prince Beauty"
Isabella Bettina: "'Our Beauty is in love with a dream prince.' 'You must never go back to that evil castle.' -Isabella Bettina"
Beast/Prince: "Beast/Prince: And do not trust your eyes too much. -Beast/Prince"
Beast/Prince Beauty: "'Try to find me and know me... no matter how I may be hidden from you.' 'Hidden?' -Beast/Prince Beauty"
Beauty: "The story is in the rose, isn't it, Father. -Beauty"
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