Class Act
Release: May 05, 1992

Kid N' Play (Christopher Reid and Christopher Martin) star in this role-reversal comedy that plays like a badly done sitcom without the laughs. The switcheroo occurs when two inner-city high school students — one a straight-A whiz-kid and the other an angry criminal type — have to switch identities and are forced to live each other's lives. Christopher Reid is Duncan Pinderhughes, a student with perfect grades but who can't graduate high school unless he passes gym. Christopher Martin plays Blade Brown, whose probation officer gives him an ultimatum — graduate high school or go to jail. Due to a mix-up in their high school records, Pinderhughes and Brown are forced to take over each other's lives. Brown ends up in a class for gifted students, and Pinderhughes finds himself skulking behind the school building to a shotgun shack that houses all the high school's troublemakers.

Duncan Pinderhughes: "You're deaf?"
Blade Brown: "Yo man, i'm the defest brother in here."
Duncan Pinderhughes: "You're deaf?"
Blade Brown: "What I just say?"
Dunan Pinderhughes: "Blade Brown is the dumbest person i've ever met. *Blade Brown smacks Duncan*"
Duncan Pinderhughes: "Hey, I thought you said you were deaf."
Blade Brown: "I am Def, now shut up!"
Blade Brown: "Yo, Duncan Pinderpuss."
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