Best 90s urban flicks

Some great hidden gems
January 26, 2010
#8: White Men Can't Jump:

Who's in it? Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, Rosie Perez
What's it about? A white guy (Woody) and his girl (Rosie) are on the run because of a money situation. Woody hustles people on the court and makes enough for them to live in a certain place for a while, until the heat is on, and then pick up and leave. However, when Woody and Wesley team up they realize how much cash they can make. So in the end the real story is about Woody, his love for basketball, gambling and his lady. His love for the former makes his lady leave him for the last time. This is a great, great movie. Remember the list gets better...

#7: Gladiator:

Who's in it? Cuba Gooding, James Marshall, Brian Dennehey.
What's it about? It's a tale of a young white man and his gambling father, who is in debt to the wrong people. They move to Chicago from a nice little town and Tommy (the young white kid) keeps to himself. However after a street fight where he kicks some ass, he's shown the underground world of illegal fighting. He wants to pay off his father's debt so he fights for that motivation. I have never seen save the last dance, but this is probably same thing only with a dude.

#6: Clockers:

Who's in it? John Turturro, Harvey Keitel, Mekhi Pfiefer
Cameos: Sticky Fingaz , Fredro Starr
What's it about? It's about drug dealers and cops trying to catch them...basically. This one was critically acclaimed. Mekhi had an ulcer and Harvey was like, why you always drinking milk?

#5: Juice:

Who's in it? Tupac, Omar Epps
Cameos: Queen Latifah, Treach (Naughty by Nature)
What's it about? Well aside from the face that both cameos were by rappers from New Jersey? This movie was about a small crew of kids, Q, Bishop, Steel, and Raheem (i guess they didn't wanna gave Raheem a cool name). They want to win respect and to get it they had to earn it. Their plan to get respect aka "juice" was to rob a store, which quickly becomes a murder because of Bishop (Tupac). Bishop later kills Raheem for questioning him then the movie is about Q and Steel trying to not get arrested for murder and stay alive, because Bishop was paranoid they were going to confess and bring him down too.
#4: Who's the Man?

Who's in it? Ed Lover, Dr. Dre, Dennis Leary
Cameos: B-Real, Busta Rhymes
What's it about? I was thinking of this as probably my number 2 or 3 flick, but lets put it here. Ed Lover and Dr. Dre work at a barbershop and their boss has a connection to the police and gets them into police academy. Their connection also gets them through academy even tho the training officer hates them. Hilarity ensues. This movie is just funny from beginning to end. They become cops, mess with locals, and end up uncovering a large scheme to get oil or somethin from this area that recently became a vacant lot due to a convenient fire. Dennis Leary makes this movie though, his banter with Dr. Dre about how Dennis' brother worked to become a doctor, paid all this money and never could call himself one and Dre can just use it for no reason is great. He also messes with Dre about his weight and offers donuts constantly to Lover and just makes Dre drool.

#3: New Jersey Drive:

Who's in it? Noone really...Saul Stein.
Cameo: Heavy D
What's it about? A violent and poverty ridden city, which is also the car theft capital of the world. Stealing cars is Jason and his crew's favorite hobby but for the two main characters it becomes a part time job. Eventually they are part of a police sting and a crooked cop (Saul Stein) shoots one of Jason's friends to death and warns Jason not to tell anyone or else. Jason and his crew continue to steal cars. Jason, trying to look out for his little sister, beats up a local neighborhood kid, who is also a car theif. He is now the target of the crooked cop and the local theif's murder attempts. He is running for his life and his friends are too busy stealing cars to help. This one is a lesser known Spike Lee joint.

#2: Judgement Night:

Who's in it? Emilio Estevez, Jeremy Piven, Cuba Gooding, Dennis Leary, Stephen Dorff.
Cameos: Everlast (House of Pain)
What's it about? A group of friends go out together to see a boxing match in Chicago. The traffic is gridlocked and they are missing the fight. Jeremy Piven is driving and decides he can get them there by taking a short cut. He will just back up and get off at the last exit and eventually they will come back out to the highway ahead of everyone and be closer to where the fight is, right? Wrong, the turn turns out to be a very bad choice. They are driving through a burnt out part of Chicago and they think they hit someone when they see a flash and feel a bump. Of course everyone was drinking and instead of calling the cops, Jeremy Piven decides to say the carphone isn't working. Remember this is before cell phones. Dennis Leary turns out to be a drug dealing kingpin murderer, who after he shoots the guy they think they hit in the face, remembers rule #1 No Witnesses. So then the movie becomes a deadly game of cat and mouse. Emilio Estevez is the main good guy and Leary the main bad guy. Both crews have losses, Dennis Leary kills one of his own, too but not before he kills Jeremy Piven's character, in a Bad Ass fashion. Check this one out, its one of the best movies of all time.

#1: Class Act:

Who's in it? Kidd, Play, Pauly Shore, Tommy from Martin, the sister from Fresh Prince...those 2 don't need names.
What's it about? It's about one of the best movies ever...boom. It's about Duncan (Kidd) and Blade Brown (Play) getting their school records mixed up. Duncan is a new honor student and Blade is a new student straight out of prison. The pair do not know each other yet and are wondering why the principal is treating them opposite of what they expected. When Blade figures it out, he physically makes sure Duncan doesn't try to straighten things out. Part of what's great is Blade teaching Duncan how to be to talk as well as walk. This is way better than House Party 1, 2, or even 3! Yeah better than the pajama jammie jam jam. Kidd and Play are really funny together and make this movie a must have...although i have it on vhs, they never put it out on Later in the movie their problems become running from a drug dealer, who doesn't like Blade Brown embarassing his main guy at the school on a daily basis. In the end Kidd N Play "ain't gonna hurt nobody" but they definately don't get hurt themselves!
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