The Parent Trap
Release: July 29, 1998

Identical twins, Annie and Hallie, whom were played by Lindsay Lohan were separated when their parents divorced. They met at camp and discovered that they were sisters. In order to get their parents back together, they switch places, Annie going to California and Hallie going to London. One has never seen the other parent, so they decided to get to know them. But there was something that was in their way, Meredith Blake, the so called fiance then of their father Nick Parker. They do everything in their power to stop a wedding ad bring back their parents together and live as a happy family.

hallie [playing as ainne]: "if almost i who chessy"
chessy: "no one just forget about it"
halie: "if almost if i was ainne?"
chessy: "... you know about ainne?"
ainne: "actually i am ainne"
chessy: "...."
Hallie: "[with Oreos] Want one?"
Annie: "Oh, sure. I love Oreos. At home, I eat them with... I eat with peanut butter."
Hallie: "You do? That is so weird. [gets peanut butter]"
Hallie: "So do I."
Annie: "You're kidding? Most people find that totally disgusting."
Hallie: "I know. I don't get it."
Annie: "Me either."
Elizabeth James: "[having drink with Meredith] Here's to... here's to you. May your life be far less complicated than mine."
Martin, the James' Butler: "I found a stowaway in your suitcase. [holds up her stuffed toy Cuppy]"
Hallie as Annie: "[whispering] Oh my God. Cuppy."
Hallie as Annie: "[crying, seeing her mother for the first time] I'm sorry, it's just I've missed you so much."
Elizabeth James: "I know, it seems like it's been forever."
Hallie as Annie: "You have no idea."
Annie: "That girl is without a doubt, the lowest, most awful creature to ever walk the planet!"
Hallie: "[watching from outside] Thank you, thank you very much."
Annie as Hallie: "I know what mystery my father sees in you."
Meredith Blake: "You do?"
Annie as Hallie: "You're young, beautiful, sexy, and hey the guy is only human, but if you ask me marriage is supposed to be based on more then just sex, right?"
Meredith Blake: "First change I make is to send that two-faced little brat off to boarding school in Timbuktu."
Richard, Meredith's Assistant: "Ooh, Ice Woman!"
Meredith Blake: "Proud of it, babe!"
Nick Parker: "[hiking] I'm going to take the lead. You two help Meredith."
Meredith Blake: "[looks at the girls] Sure you'll help me. Right over a cliff you'll help me."
Hallie: "[whispering to Annie] Not a bad idea."
Annie: "Yeah, see any cliffs?"
Annie: "Any of your pictures ruined?"
Hallie: "Only the beautiful Leo DiCaprio..."
Annie: "Who?"
Hallie: "You've never heard of Leonardo DiCaprio? How far away is London anyway?"
Hallie: "[playing poker with Annie at camp] I'll tell you what. I'll make you a little deal. Loser jumps into the lake after the game."
Annie: "Excellent."
Hallie: "Butt naked."
Annie: "Even more excellent. Start unzipping Parker. Straight, in diamonds."
Hallie: "You're good James, but, you're just not good enough. In your honor, a royal flush."
Nick Parker: "[after explaining to Elizabeth why they returned early from the camping trip] So, where's Chessie? I'm starving."
Elizabeth James: "Well, she and Martin went off to a picnic around noon. Yesterday."
Nick Parker: "[Impersonating Cary Grant] Really. Who would have thought. My nanny, your butler."
Nick Parker: "You know, sometime if we're ever really alone maybe we could talk about what happened between us. You know it's all a bit hazy to me now. It ended so fast."
Elizabeth James: "It started so fast."
Nick Parker: "Well, that part I remember perfectly."
Hallie as Annie: "Seeing all these wedding dresses, doesn't it make you think about the "f" word?"
Elizabeth James: "The "f" word?"
Hallie as Annie: "My father!"
Nick Parker: "I told Hallie."
Meredith Blake: "You did? And?"
Nick Parker: "She went ballistic. She started yelling in French. I didn't even know she spoke French."
Annie: "Don't shut YOUR eyes!"
Hallie: "Oh, sorry. I just got a little nervous."
Annie: "YOU'RE nervous? An eleven year-old's cutting my hair!"
Elizabeth James: "Nick Parker and I have absolutely nothing in common!"
Elizabeth James: "Now, let's do what we should be doing and be done with it. Understood?"
Hallie: "(after cutting Annie's hair) Honey you never looked better."
Hallie: "We actually did it!"
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