Me, My toys, And my Attic

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October 25, 2010
Me, My toys, and my Attic…

Growing up I'm sure all of you had that one friend. This Guy was kind of the leader of the group, thought to be the bravest, toughest, smartest, and usually the best at everything you and your friends would try. This may sound prestigious and honorable. But This person also was capable of turning the whole group of friends against you. My experience with this was a tormenting one. I was lucky enough, as to not be the target of the bullying and name calling as much as others in my group of friends. When it did happen I had a secret hideout. One only I knew about not even the so called leader of the pack. This article is about the time I spent there and the toys I grew to love. One of these toys made such a lasting impact I still have the whole collection unopened and hanging in my room as a reminder of some of my best times as a kid. Just me, my toys, and my attic.

Savage Mondo Blitzers (1991)

The first toy is the most memorable. Savage Mondo Blitzers. I loved these guys, loved them so much that I actually bought the whole set piece by piece off Amazon. They are now hanging in my room still in the packaging. I remember setting up mini forts as I hid out from my friends in my attic. These guys were tough and each one seemed to have their own personality lol. Snot shot was a member of the butt kickers gang, (yes they came in sets of four referred to as gangs.) Well Snot Shot was my guy, my main man he had my back and I had his. Sitting in my attic he could beat any of the other Blitzer's weather it be a race or fight to the death. They were released in 1991 by Kenner and sold here in the Great United states. If any of you remember the nickelodeon show Pete An Pete one of the blitzer's was featured on there just briefly in the episode night crawlers.

Beetle juice Vanishing Vault (1990)

Another childhood favorite. The Beetle juice Vanishing Vault. This thing was awesome and versatile. You could use it for any toy, not just the juice man although it came with a miniature Beetle juice. I remember times where I would use this thing as a prison mostly for my Savage Mondo Blitzer's who lost a brawl or drag race. Pretty simple it was a coffin like bed that would open up and you could put whatever your heart desired inside. Close it and Walla la, when you open it, it's gone. This was also made by Kenner Toys circa 1990.
GhostBusters Proton pack (1990)

Kenner does it again with the Ghost buster's proton back, and as a kid this was as close as you could get to the real deal Holyfield. Growing up there's scary places all over, and as you have read I spent quite a bit of time in my attic which was nowhere close to McCauley Caulking's in home alone. It was a creepy dark place but when I had my proton pack and Ghost trap I might as well have been Egon himself. This one goes far beyond the depths or Heights my attic. I took this thing everywhere. I can recall one incident exactly. Before I became a teenager and inhabitatd the bowels called my basement. I was convinced it was haunted. There was an old cellar that just scared the hell out of me. One day I grabbed my friend Tim, (who happens to be the leader type guy I mentioned earlier.) and we set off to destroy this cellar Ghost once and for all. The plan was simple. Tim was going to fling the cellar door open and I would zap the Ghost with my plasma gun, Tim would slide the Ghost trap underneath and Kablammm no more Ghost problem. Well the only thing that ended up happening was I shot my nerf like tube into the cellar where it was never to be seen again. Could this have been the works of the cellar Ghost? The world may never know.

Street Sharks (1994)

A new toy maker joins the playing field. Mattel released Street Sharks as an answer to Teenage mutant ninja turtles and although the turtles knew karate, had sweet weapons, and a master rat named splinter. These dudes were bad ass. My favorite was the one with roller blades, (I think his name was Blades). During my days in the attic these dudes were like the bosses in a video game. Every now and then you would come across one hiding out and he would just completely destroy you, and ultimately digest you. Well that's how it went in my mind anyway. I can recall sitting on my mom's bed, a big dinner tray as the flat surface that would serve as their battlefield and I would wage wars with these guys. During my wars my mom watched Beverly Hills 90210 or Melrose place lol.
These toys later sparked an animated series I never really watched it, pretty lame and cheesy for my taste but the toys were Bad Ass. They were made very well too. I think you could close their mouths like they were biting down and each one had a special move. Even the boxes they came in were sweet. Some of the boxes looked like cages that the mutant sharks appeared to be breaking out of.

Ray Fillet (1990)

Now when it came to defeating the street sharks during my epic battles, there was only one who could handle the job. Ray Fillet. Out of all the ninja turtle characters and toys he was by far my favorite. This guy could do it all. In my mind Ray could swim, fly, walk around, and also dish out some serious but whooping. Ray could also change the colors of his uniform with just a little bit of water. I don't know what it was about the mutant manti ray that I loved so much but he was always the victor of every war, and if he was teamed up with my faithful side kick snot shot, there was no stopping them. Ray made many memories with me as a child he seemed to travel everywhere I went. He even was a part of every bath I had as a kid. I would imagine he's Chilin somewhere around my parent's house right now just waiting for his next shot at those big ass sharks again.

Very similar to what my attic looked like.

Ok well that's a few of the toys I played with on my lone trips and extended stays in my attic. There were occasions where I would spend whole days up there. Just me and my imagination, explains a lot I am still very good friends with Tim and despite the bullying and ridicule that happened once every so often, I would like to thank him, for contributing to the expansion of my imagination and some of the fondest memories I have from my childhood. There are plenty more toys that I wish I could recall, one being a awesome sword I had that was part gun, part dagger, part huge ass sword. It lit up and made sword noises lol. The colors were black orange and maybe a little red if you remember this and know what it was called. Please let me know.
Well I guess that about does it. This was my second article and I enjoyed it very much. Please share your memories of your favorite childhood toys or your secret hideouts, for desperate times. Thanks

“Long live the past, it's what made us who we are today.” (Me)
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