Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday
Release: August 13, 1993
Release: August 13, 1993

It's 1993. The world has changed. But apparently The Blind Melons, Spin Doctors and the Wacko in Waco still haven't changed the world enough to make it forget about Jason Voorhees. Jason is back...again...and he hasn't lost a step. He can still track a hotty like a dog on scent. But this time the hotty is an undercover agent who lures him into a special ambush which leaves Jason beside himself. But Jason is not gone. His soul has taken the form of a demonic lizard which rips it's way down peoples throats and posses their bodies. Jasons goal: to be reborn through the blood of a Voorhees. Chalk up necrophelia and incest to jasons list of evils as he uses his own sisters corpse to be reborn to his old self. This time Jasons dear sweet niece decides that Uncle bad bad has got to go.

Creighton Duke: "You want information? You have to pay."
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