The Rescuers
Release: June 22, 1977
Release: June 22, 1977

Two mouse agents from the International Rescue Aid Society set off on Orville the albatross to answer a call for help sent by a little orphaned girl who's been kidnapped by the evil Madame Medusa. The rescuers, Bernard and Miss Bianca soon find out that Medusa's plan is to force the little girl down into a black hole to search for the world's largest diamond, the Devil's Eye.

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Penny: "Put me down, Brutus!"
Bianca: "A lady does have to pack a few things, you know."
Swamp Folks: "Charge!"
Madame Medusa: "You get that diamond, or you'll never see daylight again."
Mice: "♪R-E-S-C-U-E. Rescue Aid Society Hands hels high, touch the sky You mean everything to me♪"
Bernard: "Sir. There are 13 steps on this ladder."
Bianca: "Poor Evinrude. Your carburetor is all pooped out."
Madame Medusa: "Shut up, Snoops! And don't move. If either of you try to follow me, you'll get BLASTED!"
Off-key Mouse: "Hands held HIGH. Touch the SKY. You mean EVery thing to meEEE! -Off-key Mouse"
Orville: "Wake up! Dab-drat it. Somebody answer down there! Get off the dime! Hello? Hello? Is anybody down there?"
Bianca: "Oh, look. The little girl's treasures!"
Bernard: "Boy. The things kids collect."
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