Wild America
Release: July 02, 1997

Wild America is based on a true story about three boys who go on a roadtrip to film wild animals such as bears and wild horses before their homes are destroyed.It takes place in the summer of 1968.Based on the true story of the Stouffer Brothers.

*About his older brothers: "Marty and Mark*"
They were most dangerous when they had a camera in their hands. They had a camer: "Marshall"
Marshall: "*Talking about their plans for the documentary* snakes, eagles, fish anything that is getting killed off"
Marty Sr.,Marty Jr.,Mark: "Beat It!"
Anges Stouffer(The mom): "If you boys have been throwing any more fire crackers in my pool again, I'm gonna beat your butts until your nose bleeds! -Anges Stouffer(The mom)"
Marty: "*after Mark fell and broken his leg* No, Mom, he's fine, he just fell down a mountain. -Marty"
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