Cool As Ice
Release: January 01, 1991

Vanilla Ice stars in his first motion picture in this exciting film featuring hot action and chart topping music. Vanilla Ice portrays Johnny, a freewheeling, motorcycle-riding musican who rools into a small town with his band. There he meets Kathy, (Kristen Minter), a high school honor student who catches his eye and his heart. But can a "good" girl like Kathy fail for such a "Bad" guy? It's a modern romance with a beat in this fast-paced film with a stunning visual style and a hit soundtrack.

Johnny: "Hey-yo, wassup ma'am?"
Grace Winslow: "Can I help you?"
Johnny: "Yeah, I'm looking for Kat."
Grace Winslow: "We don't have a cat."
Johnny: "Kathy, your daughter."
Kathy: "And then I went straight to Nick's house. And I didn't touch it at Nick's house."
Tommy Winslow: "Ha-hah!"
Kathy: "Shut up."
Kathy: "So, where are you from?"
Johnny: "Around."
Kathy: "Around?"
Johnny: "Yup-yup."
Johnny: "Looky, looky in Kat's black booky."
John 'Johnny' Van Owen: "If you ain't to true to your self, you ain't true to no body"
Kathy Winslow: "Some time I'd like to do something really wild just because I never had"
Johnny Van Owen: "Drop that Zero and get with the Hero."
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