Stand by Me
Release: August 08, 1986
Release: August 08, 1986

Stand by Me a Rob Reiner film. Tells the tale of Gordie Lachance, a writer who looks back on his preteen days when he and three close friends went on their own adventure to find the body of a kid their age who had gone missing a presumed dead. The stakes are upped when the bad kids in town are closely tailing - and it becomes a race to see who'll be able to recover the body first.

Man: "(to Lard-Ass) "Boy, are you fat!""
Junkyard man: "Your Dad is a loony!"
Teddy duchamp: "Call him that one more time."
Junkyard man: "Loony! Loony! Loony!"
Teddy: "I'll rip of your head and S#it down your neck!"
Crowd: "(chanting) "Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass!""
Junkyard Owner: "Looney Looney Looney"
Vern: "Great spit at the fat kid"
Teddy: "...Oh billy I think i just turned my fruit of the looms into a fudge factory!"
Chris: "You four-eyed pile of s***!"
Teddy: "A pile of s*** has a THOUSAND eyes!"
Teddy: "My father stormed the beaches at Normandy!"
Vern: "Geez, Gordie, why couldn't you have gotten breakfast stuff like twinkies, Pez and root beer?"
Gordie: "Sorry, Vern. I guess a more experienced shopper could have gotten more for your seven cents."
The antler guys in the story: "Boom ba ba boom ba ba boom. (when lard ass walks) Lard ass lard ass lard ass -The antler guys in the story"
Gordie: "Traaaaaiiiiiinnnn!! -Gordie"
the donelly twins: "hey lard ass! chow down wide load! -the donelly twins"
chris and gordie: "chris: "who ever told you you had a fat one Lachance?" gordie: "biggest one in 4 county's! -chris and gordie"
Ace: "okay, you've stated your position clearly, now I'm gonna state mine....get in the f#*king car-NOW! -Ace"
vern and chris: "vern: "yeah like if he's all cut up and blood and s#*t all over him-i might have nightmares" chris: "shut up vern" vern:"you know, like all guts and eyeballs ready to jump and grab.. chris: "shut up vern god dammit! -vern and chris"
vern: "oh yeah my cousins like that, sincerely, she weighs close to 300 pounds- supposed to be her hyboid gland or somethin, well I dont know bout any hyboid gland but what a blimp!no shit- she looks like a thanksgiving turkey, and you know this one time... -vern"
Chris: "I just wish...that I could go some place where nobody knows me -Chris"
Gordie and Chris: "Gordie: I'll see ya" chris: "not if I see you first" -Gordie and Chris"
Chris: "how do you know if a frenchman's been in your backyard?...your garbage cans are empty and your dog's pregnant! -Chris"
Gordie: "we're not taking him....nobody's taking him -Gordie"
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