Stand by Me
Release: August 08, 1986
Release: August 08, 1986

Stand by Me a Rob Reiner film. Tells the tale of Gordie Lachance, a writer who looks back on his preteen days when he and three close friends went on their own adventure to find the body of a kid their age who had gone missing a presumed dead. The stakes are upped when the bad kids in town are closely tailing - and it becomes a race to see who'll be able to recover the body first.

Man: "(to Lard-Ass) "Boy, are you fat!""
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Junkyard man: "Your Dad is a loony!"
Teddy duchamp: "Call him that one more time."
Junkyard man: "Loony! Loony! Loony!"
Teddy: "I'll rip of your head and S#it down your neck!"
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Crowd: "(chanting) "Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass! Lard-Ass!""
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Junkyard Owner: "Looney Looney Looney"
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Vern: "Great spit at the fat kid"
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Teddy: "...Oh billy I think i just turned my fruit of the looms into a fudge factory!"
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Chris: "You four-eyed pile of s***!"
Teddy: "A pile of s*** has a THOUSAND eyes!"
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Teddy: "My father stormed the beaches at Normandy!"
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Vern: "Geez, Gordie, why couldn't you have gotten breakfast stuff like twinkies, Pez and root beer?"
Gordie: "Sorry, Vern. I guess a more experienced shopper could have gotten more for your seven cents."
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The antler guys in the story: "Boom ba ba boom ba ba boom. (when lard ass walks) Lard ass lard ass lard ass -The antler guys in the story"
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Gordie: "Traaaaaiiiiiinnnn!! -Gordie"
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the donelly twins: "hey lard ass! chow down wide load! -the donelly twins"
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chris and gordie: "chris: "who ever told you you had a fat one Lachance?" gordie: "biggest one in 4 county's! -chris and gordie"
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Ace: "okay, you've stated your position clearly, now I'm gonna state mine....get in the f#*king car-NOW! -Ace"
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vern and chris: "vern: "yeah like if he's all cut up and blood and s#*t all over him-i might have nightmares" chris: "shut up vern" vern:"you know, like all guts and eyeballs ready to jump and grab.. chris: "shut up vern god dammit! -vern and chris"
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vern: "oh yeah my cousins like that, sincerely, she weighs close to 300 pounds- supposed to be her hyboid gland or somethin, well I dont know bout any hyboid gland but what a blimp!no shit- she looks like a thanksgiving turkey, and you know this one time... -vern"
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Chris: "I just wish...that I could go some place where nobody knows me -Chris"
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Gordie and Chris: "Gordie: I'll see ya" chris: "not if I see you first" -Gordie and Chris"
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Chris: "how do you know if a frenchman's been in your backyard?...your garbage cans are empty and your dog's pregnant! -Chris"
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Gordie: "we're not taking him....nobody's taking him -Gordie"
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9 years, 8 months ago
i loved this movie. i just whish they had of made it longer
    10 years, 6 months ago
    Another film that captures the wonder of childhood, get teary eyed when I watch it. Will never eat a blueberry pie ever!
      11 years ago
      i saw this a year ago. corey feldman is so hot. i mean the young him
        11 years, 5 months ago
        this is the film that started my obsession with River Phoenix
          11 years, 8 months ago
          i was watching this movie last night and its so good i love it,rob reiner is such a good director(who also directed misery which is another stephen king story)but i have always loved this movie sence i was a kid "chopper sick balls" lol
            11 years, 11 months ago
            LardA$$! LardA$$! LardA$$! LardA$$! LardA$$! LardA$$!
              12 years ago
              Freakin awesome movie!
                12 years, 9 months ago
                I love this movie but it is a little bit odd and sad in a way. I wanna watch it now. The pie eatting contest is so gross!
                  12 years, 10 months ago
                  Teddy DuChamp ROCKS!
                    13 years ago
                    This is by far, a awesome movie!
                      13 years, 4 months ago
                      LARDASS! omg that was the best and sickest part of them all!
                        13 years, 6 months ago
                        This reminds me of the adventures I had. This movie is great.
                          13 years, 7 months ago
                            13 years, 7 months ago
                            Favorite scene is with the barf-o-rama...Lard Ass!
                              14 years ago
                              Love it...!
                                14 years, 5 months ago
                                I love Stand By Me. I thought Chris Chambers was the cutest bad ass boy in the whole movie.
                                  14 years, 6 months ago
                                  This is my favourite movie of all time, its a great timeless story. River Phoenix RIP.
                                    14 years, 7 months ago
                                    This was the first "R" rated movie I ever saw at the movie theater. I was only 14, and my parents took me. Wonderful movie.
                                      14 years, 9 months ago
                                      STAND BY ME

                                      Screenplay by

                                      RAYNOLD GIDEON & BRUCE A. EVANS

                                      Based on the short story "THE BODY"


                                      STEPHEN KING

                                      Draft Revised
                                      April 30, 1985

                                      FADE IN:

                                      BLACK SCREEN. The title "THE BODY" DISSOLVES UP IN WHITE LETTERS.

                                      FADE IN:

                                      1 EXT. COUNTRY ROAD - LATE AFTERNOON 1

                                      FADE OUT:

                                      A hard autumn RAIN POUNDS a Morris Minor parked on the shoulder.
                                      THROUGH the water-streaked WINDOWS, we see a blurred image of GORDON
                                      LACHANCE, 37 , slumped down in the seat staring straight ahead.

                                      2 INT. MORRIS MINOR - LATE. AFTERNOON 2

                                      Lying on the dash is a crumpled copy of The Oregonian folded open to a
                                      story whose headline reads "Local Attorney Fatally Stabbed in
                                      Restaurant." Outside, a yellow school bus drops off a young boy.

                                      Gordon watches as the buss drives off and the young boy, 12, yanks his
                                      jacket up over his head and runs up the hill toward his house. THROUGH
                                      THE WINDSHIELD we MOVE in on Gordon's face.

                                      FADE IN:

                                      NARRATOR (V.O)
                                      (the adult voice Of
                                      Gordon Lachance)
                                      In all of our lives there's a fall
                                      from innocence. A time after
                                      which we are never the same.

                                      FADE OUT:

                                      3 EXT. CASTLE ROCK (A BLUE-COLLAR MILL TOWN) - MORNING 3

                                      It's 7:30 and already hot. "BIRDDOG" by The Everly Brothers BLEEDS IN
                                      ON THE SOUNDTRACK. The twelve-year old GORDON LACHANCE, dark hair, sweet
                                      face, walks across the shady common. Temporary platforms have been
                                      erected and a banner over them advertises the Castle Rock "Labor Day"

                                      NARRATOR (V.O.)
                                      I was twelve going on thirteen when I first saw a
                                      dead human being.

                                      Gordon kicks a can down a tired looking street.

                                      NARRATOR (V.O.)
                                      It happened in 1960, a long time ago... although sometimes it doesn't
                                      seem that long to me.

                                      Gordie enters a vacant lot where a treehouse made of scavenged planks
                                      swelter in the lower branches of an ancient elm.

                                      4 INT. TREEHOUSE - MORNING 4

                                      CHRIS CHAMBERS (12), good looking, dirty blond, all American, with a
                                      fading black eye, sits across a ratty card table from Gordie. Between
                                      them, TEDDY DUCHAMP (12), coke-bottle glasses and hair much longer than
                                      either of them, draws a card from a stack and discards one in his hand.

                                      How do you know a Frenchman's been
                                      in your back yard?

                                      Hey, I'm French, okay?

                                      Your garbage cans are empty and
                                      your dog is pregnant.

                                      Didn't I just say I was French?

                                      I knock.

                                      Gordie draws and gets nothing belpful. Teddy draws.

                                      (continuing; laying
                                      down diamonds)

                                      (thinking he's lost)

                                      (slams his cards on the table)
                                      Piss up a rope.

                                      Gordie's out. Ole' Gordie just bit the bag and stepped out the
                                      door. Eee-eee-eee ...

                                      His laugh sounds like a rusty nail being hauled out a rotten board.
                                      Teddy scratches the back of his head and we get a glimpse of a
                                      flesh-colored hearing aid stuck into an ear that looks like a lump of
                                      warm wax.

                                      NARRATOR (V.O.)
                                      (as Teddy deals)
                                      Teddy was the craziest guy we around with. His favorite sport was what he
                                      called "truck dodging." He'd run out in front of the big rigs on 196 and let them
                                      miss him by bare inches.

                                      Gordie leaves the table and picks up a "Master
                                      Detective" to read. Chris draws and discards.

                                      I knock -

                                      You four-eyed pile of shit.

                                      The pile of shit has a thousand

                                      Gordie and Chris look at each other and crack up.

                                      (continuing; looks
                                      at them quizzically)
                                      what?... what's so funny?... Come
                                      on, I got thirty. What have you


                                      Go ahead. Keep laughing. You're down to your ride, pal. Ccme on. Let's

                                      Still grinning, Chris starts to shuffle.

                                      NARRATOR (V.O.)
                                      Chris was the leader of our gang, and my best friend. He came from a
                                      bad family and everybody thought he would turn out bad... including

                                      We hear SOMEONE COMING FAST UP THE LADDER nailed to the side of the
                                      elm. Chris stops dealing. A FIST RAPS on the underside of the

                                      Who goes?

                                      (excited and out
                                      of breath)

                                      Gordie pulls the bolt. The TRAPDOOR BANGS UP and VERN TESSIO, another
                                      twelve-year-old, raises himself into the clubhouse. He's sweating
                                      buckets and his hair, which he usually keeps combed in a perfect
                                      imitation of his rock and roll idol, Bobby Rydell, is plastered to his
                                      bullet head in chunks and strings.

                                      Wow, man! wait'll you hear this.

                                      Chris and Teddy continue to play cards.

                                      Hear what?

                                      (breathing heavily)
                                      Lemma get my breath. I ran all
                                      the way from my house.

                                      (Little Anthony
                                      I ran all the way home ...

                                      CHRIS & GORDIE
                                      (raggedly begin to harmonize with him)
                                      Just to say I'm soh-ree ...

                                      What can I say...

                                      CHRIS & GORDIE
                                      I ran all the way... yay, yay, yay.-.

                                      (trying to override
                                      Come on, you guys ... Listen to
                                      me... This is boss. Come on...

                                      Teddy, Chris, and Gordis continue to sing.

                                      Okay. Okay. Forget it. I don't
                                      have to tell you nuthin'...

                                      Alright, Vern, what is it?

                                      Okay, great. You won't believe
                                      this. Sincerely. I...

                                      TEDDY, CHRIS & GORDIE
                                      (interrupting, singing
                                      I ran all the way home...

                                      Screw you guys.

                                      No, no, no. What is it?

                                      Can you guys camp out tonight? I mean if you tell your folks we're
                                      gonna tent out in my back [email protected]

                                      (begins to deal again)
                                      Yeah, I guess so. But my dad's on
                                      a mean streak.
                                      (taps his black eye)
                                      Drinkin', you know.

                                      You got to, man. Sincerely. You won't believe this. Can you, Gordie?

                                      Yeah probably.

                                      So what are you pissing and moaning about, Vern-O?

                                      I knock.

                                      What?!! You liar! You ain't got no pat hand! You didn't deal yourself
                                      no pat hand.

                                      Make your draw, shitheap.

                                      Teddy reaches for the top card on the pile of bikes. Chris reaches for
                                      his smoke on the ledge behind him. Gordie bends over to pick up his
                                      detective magazine.

                                      You guys want to go see a dead

                                      Everybody stops and looks at Vern.

                                      I was under the porch digging, you

                                      NARRATOR (V.0.)
                                      We all understood what Vern meant
                                      right away.

                                      DISSOLVE TO:

                                      5 EXT. TESSIO HOUSE - EARLIER THAT MORNING 5

                                      The front porch runs the length of the house -probably forty feet long
                                      and seven feet wide. As the Narrator talks, we MOVE TOWARD a =all door
                                      in the lattice-work skirt that fences the underside of the

                                      NARRATOR (V.0.)
                                      When Vern was eight he buried a quart jar of pennies under his porch.
                                      He drew a treasure map so he coula find them agaii. A week later his mom
                                      cleaned out his room and threw away his map.

                                      OUR VIEW at the small doorway and we...

                                      CUT TO:

                                      6 UNDER THE PORCH 6

                                      The ground looks like a prairie dog city with its little holes and
                                      mounds of earth. Halfway toward the other end the twelve-year-old Vern
                                      is digging obsessively with a short haidle hoe.

                                      NARRATOR (V.O.)
                                      Vern had been trying to find those pennies for four years. Four years,
                                      man. You didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

                                      The SCREEN DOOR SLAMS open above him and Vern freezes in midstroke.
                                      TWO PAIRS OF FOOTSTEPS cross the porch. Carefully Vern moves his
                                      eyeballs to look through a crack in the boards. it , a his brother BILLY
                                      and his juvenile delinquent friend, CHARLIE HOGAN -- both sixteen.

                                      (in a travelling, cry-baby voice)
                                      Jesus Christ, Billy, we gotta do something.

                                      Why? Who says?

                                      INTERCUT under porch and exterior porch.

                                      But we saw him.

                                      So? It's nothin' to us. The kid's dead so it's nuthin' to him,
                                      neither. Who gives a shit if they ever find him? I don't. And the
                                      girls didn't see him.

                                      But it was that kid they been talking about on the radio.

                                      Vern's head snaps around and he tries to get a look at them through the
                                      lattice work.

                                      Brocker, Brower, Flowers, whatever his name is. Train must have 'hit


                                      We had all followed the Ray Brower story closely because he was a kid our age.
                                      Three days before he'd gone out to pick blueberries and nobody'd seen, or heard from him since.

                                      Billy lights a cigarette and flicks the match into the gravel
                                      driveway. Vern doesn't want to miss any of this and begins to creep a
                                      little closer to the steps.

                                      I think we should tell the cops.

                                      You don't go squawking to the cops after you boosted a car. They'd
                                      want to know how we got way the hell out an the Back Harlow Road. They
                                      know we ain't got no car. It's better if we just keep our mouths shut.
                                      Then they can't touch us.

                                      We could make a nornamus call.

                                      They trace those calls, stupid. I
                                      seen it on Highway Patrol and Dragnet.

                                      Yeah, right. I wish we'd never boosted that
                                        14 years, 9 months ago
                                        do u now what goofey is u guys cos i dont but i loved the movie iv seen it like 20 times i was so close tears
                                          14 years, 10 months ago
                                          This movie is so classic. I love it so much. Vern, Teddy, Chris, and Gordie are all so amazing. The acting is immpeccable. I love it.
                                            14 years, 11 months ago
                                            One of the greats of the 80's. Definitely had my first crush when I saw this movie.. except it wasn't River it was Will!
                                              14 years, 11 months ago
                                              I love this movie mmmmmm.... a young River :)
                                                14 years, 11 months ago
                                                One of the greatest movies of all time.
                                                  14 years, 11 months ago
                                                  I have this on dvd, Great movie great memories!
                                                    15 years, 1 month ago
                                                    oh man id do anything to watch this movie again..ive been looking for the dv but i cant find it..i remember the part when they were on the railway track ..god i love this show so much
                                                      15 years, 5 months ago
                                                      Lollipop lollipop oh lolli lolli pop
                                                        15 years, 8 months ago
                                                        This movie is awesome.
                                                          15 years, 10 months ago
                                                          a night without armor in a savage land!
                                                            16 years ago
                                                            one of my all-time favorite movies :)
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