There's Nothing Out There
Release: January 01, 1992

During Spring Break, seven high school teens go out to the woods in remote cabin lack house. However the ultimate horror fan Mike starts to notice the striking parallels between this setting the thousands of Horror movies he has ever watched. The others dismiss Mike's words of caution only to find out that there is monster out in woods. Can Mike and the others escape the Horror movie clinches or become one? This horror/comedy cult film was directed by Rolfe Kanefsky.

Mike: "Is someone paying you to stand by an open window? There are some razor blades in the corner you can play with if you like."
Jim: "This asshole comes down here looking like Friday the 13th trying to scare us!"
Stacy: "This feels like mud."
Mike: "It is mud. Dirt and water make mud. You learn something new every day."
Mike: "We don't know anything about this creature other than it, like everyone else, hates a mouth full of shaving cream."
Mike: "That ought to stop it for now. No one likes a mouth full of shaving cream."
Mike: "If we can confuse the creature enough to beat the crap out of itself we could get close enough to axe it."
Doreen: "Where's Jim?"
Mike: "He's melting in the other room."
Doreen: "You really think there's something out there trying to kill us? [Something inside the house breaks]"
Mike: "No, now it may be inside."
Mike: "Name a horror movie - ANY horror movie."
Mike: "Oh great, it controls minds, it eats people, it reproduces!"
Stacy: "He IS a horror film - a walking, talking horror film!"
David: "I don't exactly call a disappearing raw chicken a murder attempt."
Nick: "Really, Mike, it's logically stupid for you to be worried by this."
Mike: "This part reminds me of 'Invasion of the Body Snatchers."
Stacy: "How did they kill them?"
Mike: "They didn't."
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