Class of 1999
Release: May 11, 1990
Release: May 11, 1990

This is a cool, less known sci-fi movie. The year is 1999 and well drugs and voilence is high, and of course gangs. Well that's about to change. The school board has a program to reopen the schools. Enter ex-gangmember Cody Culp, he is orderd by the courts to attend high school. Now he has to deal with his old gang The Blackhearts and stay clear from their rival gang The Razorheads, basically stay away from trouble or its back to prison. But things get weird when 3 teachers teaches at the school. Cody discovers something fowl about them and wnats to know what is up with them. Cody wants to know the truth even if that means goin back to his old ways. To make things worse hes involved in a war game that started by the teachers. So what is the mystery about these teachers? YOU HAVE TO WATCH IT AND SEE. This movie isn't much of a classic but it's a pretty sweet concept compared to "gap-inspired" THE FACULTY movie. With somewhat gory scenes, and mild use of drugs.

Hector: "Why did you send Noser? He would get lost finding his dick."
Cody Culp: "Have a nice stretch Coach."
Hector: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste. Don't make me waste yours."
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