Disney's Halloween Treat
Release: October 30, 1982
Release: October 30, 1982

Celebrate a magical, high-spirited Halloween, with this collection of classic scenes, from Walt Disney's greatest animated feature films and cartoon shorts! Snow White and the seven dwarfs encounter the wicked Queen, in a breathtaking sequence from this Disney triumpth of art and imagination. Then, from the legendary 'Fantasia,' there's a ghostly gathering of hobgoblins, stepping out, for a "Night on Bald Mountain." The fun continues, with hauntingly familiar scenes from 'Peter Pan,' 'Lady and the Tramp,' 'One Hundred and One Dalmations,' and more - all brought together in this supernatural animated Disney treat!

Pumpkin: "See you tomorrow... maybe."
Pumpkin: "Don't let your imagination runaway with you. After all... it's only Halloween. The spookiest night of the year."
Pumpkin: "Halloween parties go back a long, long way. The very first was held in a spooky little place called Bald Mountain, where a bunch of the boys gathered together for a... blow out?"
Pumpkin: "The best Halloween parties are the one's where you can get a real honest to goodness witch for the guest of honor. Oh, I don't mean those ugly old witches. Or even one of the pretty ones. No, I mean my favorite flying sorcerer. That life of the party who can cast a quicker spell better than you can say 'Eye of Newt.' My dear old friend... Mad Madame Mim."
Pumpkin Host: "For a really good Halloween party, you need a few special ingredients. A few witches, a few villains, a few treats, a few tricks, and, oh yes, a few scares. The best Halloween parties are the ones where you get a real honest to goodness witch for the gues -Pumpkin Host"
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