Phantom of the Paradise
Release: October 31, 1974

PAUL WILLIAMS wrote the acclaimed rock and roll score for this musical horror classic and stars as an evil record tycoon haunted by a disfigured composer called winslow leach but winslow only want's one person to sing his song the young jessica harper and paul williams character swan has other plans for this music and decides to hire a new band starring the fairly lighly gay beef played by gerrit graham star from child's play 2 and other tv hits this movie runs about 2hours and is the most creative horror movie you will ever see just released this year on dvd brian de palmas masterpiece returns

Winslow: "Swan stole my music and framed me! -Winslow"
Swan: "Forget about the Juicy Fruits! -Swan"
Swan: "Ink isn't worth anything to me, Winslow. -Swan"
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