Detroit Rock City
Release: August 13, 1999
Release: August 13, 1999

Four members of a high school band called Mystery do everything they can to attend a KISS concert in Detroit. In order to make it there they must steal, cheat, strip, deal with an anti-rock mother, and generally do whatever it takes to see the band that has inspired them to be musicians. It plays like a KISS advertisement but the giver mentality leaves the viewer with a smile on their face.

Guys, where is the volvo!?: "Lex"
Christine: "Why don't you bend over, you're looking right at it!"
Lex: "You know,your clothes might say disco, but your eyes say Rock and roll."
Guido: "Have you learned your lesson yet, puke?"
Hawk: "If the lesson is you're a dick with ears and a really bad haircut, I'd say yeah. I've learned my lesson."
Hawk: "Ok, Jam, we'll just double time it at your house, grab the tickets, and then head to the train station for the 3"
Trip: "Beat the shit out of 3 little kids or something, Like take thier fucking tickets"
Trip: "Disco blows dogs for quarters."
Jam: "It's a teenage girl walking along the side of the highway. I mean, they, they, they make scary movies that start out like that."
Trip: "Hey, but, but they make porno movies that start out like that too, man."
Lex: "[Trip is tearing up the Girl's Bathroom in School] Take it Easy, This is the Girls crap room remember"
Trip: "Ohh wake up Lex, We just watch Jam's mom tourch our fucking KISS tickets man. Not REO Speedwagon, Not Journey, Not the Base City Rollers, KISS man, If you think of a better way to trash a Girls Bathroom, I should would like to hear it."
Jam: "Now for the last time give me my fucking drum sticks ! .................. Please -Jam"
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