School Ties
Release: September 18, 1992
Release: September 18, 1992

David Green is brought into a prestigious 1950s school to help their football team to beat the school's old rivals. David, however, is from a working class background, so he isn't really "one of them", but he's very successful at making friends. David is a Jew, and has to keep this a secret from his friends for fear of being rejected.

McGivin: "4 generations of McGivins have gone to Princeton. If I dont get it it means the blood has gone thin. It means they all have cocks and I just have a weewee."
Charlie Dillon: "You know, I'm still gonna get in to Harvard. And in 10 years no one will remeber that any of this happened. But you'll still be a goddamn Jew."
David Green: "You're never going to forget this happened. You used me for football… Now, I'll use you to get into Harvard."
Jack Connors: "Okay, I'll admit it, you know. I'm an anti-Semite. I crack Jew jokes, think they're dirty, greedy. And you know what? David Greene's the only one I've ever known up close."
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