Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore
Release: December 09, 1974

This movie was the inspiration for the sitcom Alice starring Linda Lavin.In the movie however Alice is played by Ellen Burstyn,in an oscar winning performance.After her husband dies, Alice and her son Tommy are penniless.So Alice and Tommy hit the road,and eventually Alice takes A job in A diner called Mel's.While there she meets A gentle man(Kris Kristofferson)who tries to win her heart.Not as humurous as the tv show,but still A good film about A woman trying to find herself.Starring Ellen Burstyn and Kris Kristofferson.Mel is played in the movie also, by Vic Tayback,Flo is played by Diane Ladd(Belle on the tv show),and Vera is played by Valerie Curtin.Directed by Marin Scorsese

Tommy: "Shoot the dog. Shoot the dog. Shoot the dog. -Tommy"
David: "So who's stoppin' ya?... Pack yer bags; I'll take you to Monterey... I don't give a damn about that ranch. -David"
Audrey: "Tucson's the weird capital of the world... WEIRD. -Audrey"
Tommy: "Put in another quarter and try again! -Tommy"
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