Look Who's Talking
Release: October 13, 1989

Mollie is an accountant who has been having an affair with one of her clients, Albert, who happens to be married. When she becomes pregnant by him, she feels that he will be there always for her and the baby. But when she gives birth, he breaks it off and she is left to raise the baby all by herself. She also is searching for the perfect father for her new son, Mikey. She meets James, a swift cab driver, who seems to be a perfect match with them. But when Albert comes to her, who will she choose?

Albert and Mollie: "Albert: Mollie, this is my $5000.00 desk. *Mollie smashes Mikey's dirty diaper onto desk* Mollie: Well, it's junk now! -Albert and Mollie"
Mollie: "I'm a very understanding person, Albert. I understand that you are going through a selfish phase. And, I'm sure that you will understand that I am going through a destructive phase. -Mollie"
Mikey: "Put me back in! Put me back in! -Mikey"
Mollie: "Hey, you know, that's breast milk. -Mollie"
Mollie: "It was easy. I went to the clinic and got some frozen sperm. I brought it home, defrosted it, inserted it, and... and I'm pregnant. -Mollie"
Mollie: "Don't touch me! I'm going to have this baby without you touching me! -Mollie"
Mollie: "Why don't you try squeezing something the size of a watermelon out of an opening the size of a lemon and see how hot YOU look? -Mollie"
Mikey: "Wait a minute. These things come in different sizes? What are these, jumbos? -Mikey"
Rona: "Get outta here. Nobel Prize winners ejaculating in jars? -Rona"
James: "It's weird, isn't it? You spend the first nine months trying to get out and the rest of your life trying to get back in. -James"
Mollie: "I'm sorry that I made you wear that stupid outfit, and I'm sorry that you had to meet that MEAN MAN. You'll never have to see him again. You know what I don't get? Every time I take you somewhere, everyone says how cute you are, and how crazy they are. -Mollie"
Rosie: "So that's it? Now you and the frozen pop are having a baby. -Rosie"
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