Waynes World 2
Release: December 10, 1993

Wayne and Garth are back.This time Casandras getting all types of record deals and Wayne suspects Casandras agent Bobby is cheating on him and in order to try to impress Bobby,Wayne announces Waynestock,a show in which a buncha rock bands come together to make Waynestock ,with the help from some friends.Also to add to the action such things happen as Garth getting a girl,a story about a girl who lives on Gordon St.,Wayne metting Casandras dad.

Honey: "Take me, Garth!"
Garth: "Where? I'm low on gas and you need a jacket!"
Wayne: "Oh! Come on! Do you think I'm a gulla-bull? Or even a gulla-calf?"
Wayne: "[to guy with albino eye] We'll just take these home, run them over with a fine tooth comb, cross the "t"s and dot the... lower case "j"s."
Wayne: "Here we are, at Piccadilly Circus!"
Garth: "Wow, what a shitty circus."
Wayne: "Good call. There's no animals or clowns! What a ripoff!"
Honey: "I bet you like to be in control."
Garth: "Yeah, like when I was 17, my sister wanted to loan my Def Leppard. I said "No way!"."
Garth: "So, did Jim Morrison give you Del Preston's exact address?"
Wayne: "Yeah, he said EXACTLY London, England."
Wayne: "cross the t's and dot the-...lower case j's"
Wayne: "(Straining) I promised myself I wouldn't cry. -Wayne"
chris farley: "Im goona go pick a fight. -chris farley"
Hansome Dan: "Handsome Dan-- Isn't thant right Mr. Scream? Mr. Scream--HHHHHEHEEEE -Hansome Dan"
wayne: "we'll just take these home and look them over and cross the t's and dot the lower case j's -wayne"
wayne: "sorry,wrong wedding! -wayne"
Bobby: "Bobby: Hey, I need to get in there! My girlfriend is in there! Security: Hey...A lot of people's girlfriends are in there! -Bobby"
Garth: "Welcome to Aurora......not just a place but a...state of mind -Garth"
Wayne: "Do you think i'm a Gulla-bull? or even a Gulla-calf? -Wayne"
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