Puff and the Incredible Mr. Nobody
Release: January 01, 1982
Release: January 01, 1982

Puff the Magic Dragon pays a visit to a little boy whose creativity has been stifled. Terry's only friend is an imaginary duck named Mr. Nobody, so when Nobody flees to the Fantaverse, Puff takes Terry to find him and teach the boy that Nobody is really somebody! This is the third and final film based on the popular song by Peter, Paul and Mary. Burgess Meredith ("Batman," "Rocky," "Twilight Zone") voices Puff for the final time, and Billy (Jayne) Jacoby ("Just One of the Guys," "Parker Lewis Can't Lose") provided the voice of Terry.

Puff: "Imaginary friend or not, Terry was nobody without Nobody. He lost interest... his marks dropped off in school... who would laugh at his squishy jokes now? That is why one night, after his mother had tucked him into bed, Terry ran away. He was determined to find his friend. But since his friend wasn't there to help him knot the sheets correctly..."
Puff: "(singing) It's sad, I know; it was once told in some old dragon song: We children learn that pretend friends can't stay the whole life long. Pretended ducks are wonderful, but then it's time to grow... It's so hard to say goodbye, as we magic dragons know."
Puff: "Terry needed a friend--a companion of his own frame of mind, with whom to share his wonders and discoveries, exhilirations and disappointment, trinkets and treasures."
Puff: "Dear me! Is it raining children, or are you from outer space?"
Terry: "No, I come from that house."
Puff: "That house? Impossible! Nobody lives there."
Terry: "You know him, too?"
Puff: "(setting Terry down) Hmm, a distant cousin, but a bosom companion. He lives there with a chap named, um... Terry."
Terry: "I'M Terry!"
Puff (laughing): "You're right- he told me all about you. Did he (ahem) ever mention me? Puff? Hmm? Puff, the Magic Dragon?"
Puff: "Once, not too long ago, there was nobody. -Puff"
Puff: "If Nobody had lunch with a friend, the friend was alone. -Puff"
Puff: "If Nobody was in a room by himself, the room was deserted. -Puff"
Puff: "His name was Terry, and to him, Nobody was as real as a brother or best friend. -Puff"
Puff: "Who cares about Nobody, you ask? Somebody did! -Puff"
Puff: "Even when he was 3 years old, others did not percieve things as Terry did. -Puff"
Nobody: "If I had a middle name, "Together" would be it! -Nobody"
Puff: "And since Nobody was all that Terry had, Nobody became his friend. -Puff"
Puff: "By the time he was 4, his very special qualities confused those about him, and sometimes made them jealous. -Puff"
Puff: "Terry's wish for a special friend had finally come true. -Puff"
Puff: "Spoons turn into lollipops, then forests, red and blue. -Puff"
Puff: "The limit was the skies above and where the rainbows end. -Puff"
Nobody: "Got any new squishy jokes? -Nobody"
Puff: "And that's how the none and only Nobody danced his way into Terry's life. -Puff"
Puff: "But Nobody was always there, hid in Terry's pocket. -Puff"
Terry: "Are you nervous? Nobody's not nervous, so I'm not either. -Terry"
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