Release: January 31, 1986

Dean Youngblood (Rob Lowe), a sensitive young farm boy, fights against the odds as he struggles to succeed in the brutal sport of ice hockey. He soon falls in love with the daughter of his no-nonsense coach, which lies at odds with the fighting which is a necessity in the sport for him to be noticed by professional hockey scouts.

Derek Sutton: "To the game, and gettin out of this hick town, thank God there is still a sport for middle-sized white boys"
Blaine Younglood: "you can learn to punch in the barn, but you gotta learn to survive on the ice"
Derek Sutton: "hey, go hump your saint bernard scum-nuts!"
Jessie: "Read this one, it's a classic, it'll give you somethin to do on the road.... and in bed"
Coach Chadwick: "Where'd you get these guys from Ray Mexico?"
Ray: "We're only lookin for one player"
Coach Chadwick: "Yea? like that sorry son of a bi*ch that just tripped over the blue line?"
Kelly: "Just hit pillowhands. Don't worry it's not gonna hit you back"
Kelly: "What would you rather do, spread manuer or play hockey for 20,000 fans at Madison Square garden?"
Dean: "Spread manuer"
Kelly: "Oh you candyass!"
Karl Racki: "You wanna go pretty boy?"
Kelly Youngblood: "Don't take any sh** from them canucks, to them your just another wetback crossin' the boarder to play their game"
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