Are We There Yet?
Release: January 21, 2005
Release: January 21, 2005

Nick Persons (Ice Cube), a 37-year-old bachelor, takes a car drive on New Year's Eve to Vancouver from Portland, Oregon to transfer two bratty children, Lindsey and Kevin Kingston, to their divorced mother, Suzanne Kingston, on whom Nick has a crush. The road trip seems to be a disaster from the outset, as the three face numerous mishaps. One example includes the children signaling to truck driver Al Buck that they have been kidnapped by Nick. They are run off the road by him. After Lindsey and Kevin discover their father's betrayal, they warm up to Nick, as he does with them, when he tells them that he, too, was abandoned by his father.

Lindsey: "you should've asked if he had to go before we left"
Nick: "i did"
Lindsey: "no, you asked before we got on the train, not before we left the station you're supposed to ask before every segment everybody knows that"
Nick: "evidentally not"
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Lindsey: "baby!"
Kevin: "big baby!"
Lindsey: "bigger baby!"
Kevin: "giant baby!"
Lindsey: "enormous baby!"
Kevin: "humongous baby!"
Lindsey: "colossal baby!"
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Lindsey: "you know, if you're thinking about my mom, you're wasting your time"
Nick: "uh, you know, im not wasting my time cause me and your mom, we're just friends"
Lindsey: "thats good, cause moms still into dad and hes totally into her and they're getting back together soon"
Nick: "whoopie im happy for 'em"
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Nick: "yo yo yo yo"
Marty: "hey! hey its marty, whats up, man? hows it going with those stupid little brats you got with you? remember this: if the kids hate you, the mama won't date you"
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Satchel Paige: "man, your insurance premiums are going through the roof!"
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Satchel Paige: "[moans] i think i got me some whiplash! aargh!"
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Lindsey: "what was mom thinking?"
Kevin: "i don't know i like him hes kind of funny"
Lindsey: "hey, don't get soft this man is not our dad hes the enemy"
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Kevin: "shut up!"
Lindsey: "make me!"
Kevin: "i don't make trash, i bury it!"
Lindsey: "i'll bury my foot in your...!"
Kevin: "say it! hah! you're too scared to say it!"
Lindsey: "be quiet, you paranoid dunce!"
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Nick: "out of sight, out of mind"
Suzanne: "excuse me?"
Nick: "oh uh, i don't mind you know, if you need a lift, i can give you a ride"
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Satchel Paige: "all we gotta do is lose the small fries now im not saying drop 'em in the shark tank, nah"
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