Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip

My Improved and Resolved Article of Perhaps the best Dexter's Laboratory Movie Yet!
October 16, 2007

WARNING: This is an improved version of my article on Dexter's Lab: Ego Trip, So there would be changes. Anyway, Enjoy my improved article

Wanna hear about my favorite Dexter's Laboratory movie, Ego Trip? Well, I'll Tell Ya!

It started out with an awesome opening titles scene and after that, Mandark enters Dexter's House and had to pass Dexter's Parents who played a Game of Twister, acting like a bunch of sex-crazed wierdos! He then saw Dee Dee having tea and RUNS! Mandark breaks into Dexter's Lab and is about to steal this All-Powerful Neuotomic Protocore thingy and is kicked out of Dexter's Lab by Dexter who guards the all powerful Neurotomic Protocore. Wanna See Mandark In his Cape?!!! Go Ahead! See Him in his Cape!

Dexter was then attacked but defeated a group of robots who wants to destroy the One Who Saved Future. Dexter was impressed of being the one who save the future and went to his time machine. In the first time period, Dexter encounters a tall, skinny and weaker version of him, with Mandark rich and successful. The two Dexters then jumped into the Time Machine.

The Two Dexters then meet that Old Geezer Dexter, and then, discovers a time where everyone is stupid and fire and technology is forbidden, thanks to that Mandark! They met that Action Hero Dexter, who muscular, tall and bald!!! LOL!

The Dexters built a robot and defeat Mandark's robots. This Future Mandark, AKA Fat Man, summons his 3 other selves (including that Mandark in his cape!) and the Dexters and Mandarks battles each other!

Then, Dee Dee saves the world by pressing the button and make Fat Man Mandark to go BOOM! turning him into a dismembered brain! The 4 Dexters, well, they have gone up in smoke! They built a group of robots and tell them to kill Dee Dee and send them into the time machine. Well, at the end, Dexter decided to ignore the setting of the events in motion and decided to go eat lunch, perhaps.
The animation is great, the characters are great, and my favorite part and characters are...My girlies!

Awww. I love those girlies. The girlies who gave Mandark a bath, Sarah (the blonde) and Rita (the brunette). Ohhhh, I love those beautiful and pretty sweeties. Kootchy, Kootchy, Kootchy, Kootchy, Kootchy...xxxxxxxxxxxxx (kisses)

Anyway, Dexter's Laboratory: Ego Trip is the last good one of Dexter's Laboratory. Well, Many fans hated the new seasons (which airs from 2001 to 2003), although I Like A Mandark Cartoon, where you can see Mandark in his cape again and where you can see Mandark eating cereal to the tune of his laugh.

Well, as for Ego Trip, In my opinion, It would have been very different. It would have been released to theatres (along with Digital Projection) by Warner Bros., Cartoon Network and even Twentieth Century Fox, as a 177-minute animated feature film (227 minutes for an extended cut or so) which utilizes 2D traditional Hand Drawn Animation with CGI. It would have been set in an aspect ratio of 2.35:1 (if it demands wider scenery than the TV show).

Skywalker Sound, and Sound Designers Gary Rydstrom, Randy Thom, and Christopher Boyes would have provide and design the sound effects for Ego Trip and mixed the movie in Dolby Digital Surround EX, DTS ES, and SDDS Sound. Jerry Goldsmith (who is already dead at 75 in 2004, perhaps because of cancer) would have provide the music for Ego Trip (the music of which would have been similar to the Lion King's music and Disney's Tarzan's music and The Music of the 1995 movie, Congo, which is crapzilla), with Alexander Courage and Marc Mann as the orchestrators.

It would have been released to VHS, Widescreen VHS (for both theatrical and extended cuts), and DVD (in separate 2-disc Theatrical and 4-Disc Extended versions) if it is a theatrical feature. It would have earned $438 million or not at the US Box Office if it's a theatrical feature. It would have even be designed and art directed by Craig McCracken (of the Powerpuff Girls Fame) and Ricardo Delgado (of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Dark Horse's Age of Reptiles fame).

It would have include modern-scientific-view dinosaurs (including A Tyrannosaurus Rex named Dark Claw Khan who would have stalked the 4 Dexters in the third time period) who co-exists together with Present-Day Humans in a Dinotopia-esque land called Reptaria, in the third time period, nestled away from the wrath of Mandark, who rules just north of the Valley of the Stupids, So Mandark's Land would have been located west of Reptaria in the third time period.

In the Third Time Period, The Teenage Dexter and his Friend Doug Mordechai III would have been fallen in love with the two girls who gave Mandark a bath in Ego Trip (The Teenage Dexter would fall for the black-haired one).

Dexter would have saved the world when the Teenage Dexter battles and kills the Caped Supervillain Mandark (who steals the Overlord Mandark's powers and zaps Dee Dee with force lightining, ala Return of the Jedi) by threwing him down the reactor shaft in Mandark's Fortress, and the Caped Supervillain Mandark's death is marked by an explosion of force lightning, sucking in the other 3 Mandarks and turning everything back to normal.

It would have ended with the teenage Dexter, the black haired girl who gave Mandark a bath, cuddling in love, so will Doug Mordechai III and the blonde haired girl who gave Mandark a bath who will also cuddle in love, and ending in Reptaria, where a Pteranodon flies past a T-Rex family and a dinosaur herd before landing on a rock and screeches.

Ego Trip would have been released to theatres as a animated feature film! So, anyway, Ego Trip is totally awesome! Can't wait for a DVD release of Dexter's Lab. And when I'll try in bringing back the Cartoon Network Generation that everyone's all familiar with (not continuing the new Cartoon Network generation which is incredibly sub-par, for they show live action) and restoring Cartoon Network's true identity and appearance on November 11, 2010 or so, You will see it again for the first time since Cartoon Network dumb itself down starting in 2003, OK?
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