Epic Movie
Release: January 26, 2007
Release: January 26, 2007

A comic parody film taking on adventure movies and epics. Lucy finds her adopted father, a museum curator, has been attacked. He tells her of a golden ticket in a candy bar from a museum vending machine. Ignacio lives in a Mexican monastery and has become angered at the living conditions, deciding to jump out the window. Susan is flying away to visit her family when snakes hijack and crash her plane. Peter is a mutant who wants to ask his girlfriend to the homecoming dance. All four eventually find golden tickets and arrive meeting each other at Willy's Candy Factory where he plans to use the four as ingredients in his newest recipe, which uses real human parts. Trying to protect themselves, the group run through a wardrobe and wind up in the kingdom of Gnarnia. They soon meet Harry Potter at Hogwarts and join him in his fight against the White Bitch.

Lucy: "let us out, freak!"
Willy Wonka: "no, no, i can't do that"
Susan: "yes you can"
Lucy: "yes you can"
Willy Wonka: "you're...mine now"
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Harry Potter: "greetings my name is harry potter"
Susan: "...aren't you a little old to still be a student here?"
Harry Potter: "nonsense i am but 14"
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Tumnus: "scarface is the shit"
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Lucy: "what are you?"
Tumnus: "im a faun half man, half goat"
Lucy: "oh, so you mean--?"
Tumnus: "yeah, dad screwed a goat"
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Peter: "where 're we gonna go? i don't have a home to go back to"
Edward: "i thought this golden ticket was my lucky break"
Lucy: "that curator was all i had"
Susan: "i never had anyone i raised myself"
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The White Bitch: "uh, that looks more like "fifty cents" tattoo, you idiot"
Edward: "shit! they did the wrong one"
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Girl in bikini: "whatever you do, don't go in there"
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Edward: "im not eating that"
Nacho Libre: "be grateful, eduardo today i made something especially scrumptious"
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Edward: "wait, so this whole thing was a set-up just to get information out of me?"
Jack Swallows: "sorry, lad this isn't even a working pirate ship"
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Susan: "we gotta get out of here"
Lucy: "we gotta get out of here"
Susan: "i just said that"
Lucy: "you just said that"
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