Tales From the Hood
Release: May 24, 1995
Release: May 24, 1995

This entertaining horror anthology is set in the scariest places in America: its inner-city ganglands. The four stories here are, of course, of varying quality: "Rogue Cop Revelation" and "KKK Comeuppance" are both preachy and average, while "Boys Do Get Bruised" is a well-done tale of magical revenge similar to the "Sweets to the Sweet" segment of The House That Dripped Blood. The best story is "Hard Core Convert," in which a tough-talking "gangsta" (Lamont Bentley) is strapped to a table by a sinister doctor (Rosalind Cash) and shown hellish visions of the consequences of his lifestyle. Ending on a strong note with that story and a fun wraparound segment, Tales from the Hood deserves more of a look from horror fans than it got, being one of the best such anthologies of recent years.

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