Yahoo Serious

Was He Really That Serious?
December 31, 2007
Out of all the crazy or hack comedians from the eighties or nineties one name come to mind more than any other, Yahoo Serious. While researching around the Net to write this article I came across his personal website, and I thought "wow what a great place to get some Pics for this", but I was wrong, because you see Yahoo was already onto me and doing everything in his power to stop me. I mean of coarse his disclaimer that I may take only one picture and it can be for personal use only. Why would I need any picture of Yahoo Serious for personal use? But I will not let that Australian mad man stop me from telling the truth. He couldn't have been serious

I give to the jury exibit A, Young Einstein Released in 1988 (or 1989) depending on which site your consult. A tale about, you guessed it young Einstein, except Einstein isnt the genius born in Germany apparently he was a Tasmanian apple farmer who created an electric guitar and somehow managed to get hooked up with marie curie. Complete nonsence if you ask me, and if you ask the box office totals that year, this movie only made a little over eleven millions dollars in the US. Was he truley serious, that this movie was good, or funny, or anything like Crocodile Dundee. I bet if Paul Hogan could have stoped Yahoo before he made this movie he would have. Our Friends to the way south dont need the humiliation of this ridiculous movie. Which leads me to exibit B.

Reckless Kelly, a movie released in 1993 (or 1994 depending on what site you consult). Yahoo would not make another movie again untill 1999, gee I wonder why. Reckless Kelly is a movie about an Australian robin hood who rides some crazy homemade motorcycle. Im lost for things to say about this movie, Yahoo is known for hating Hollywood, which i'll explain later, yet he was continually trying to release films in America. One word best describes that, Ridiculous.

While searching for info on Mr. Serious, which took quite some time since he isnt very poplular, I came across a website with a few of his quotes.
1."Hollywood is Horrible.. its beyond satire."

Who is he kidding Hollywood produces hit after hit with great stories and classy actors, whats he done, a movie about Einstein being an apple farmer... come on.

2. "Can you imagine what it would be like if all the Aussie film talent was able to make Aussie stories."

Yes I can, Albert Einstein would be riding around on a motorbike robbing banks and playing an electric guittar while trying to sleep with Marie Curie, And thats just scary. I dont want to live in a world with movies like that, do you?

3. "Australian kids could then grow up and love their own culture and not have to love Hollywood or Disneyland culture."

Why would anyone want the poor children of Australia to be subject to the movies of Yahoo Serious instead of Walt Disney, what is going on in the sick mind of Mr.Serious. I could see if anyone other that Yahoo Serious made that comment, even Paul Hogan, but they didnt it was made by the brainchild behind an electric guitar playing, Marie Curie loving Einstein.

Let me leave you by saying , as Im sitting here watching Rambo First Blood Part II writing this article I say thank God for people like Sylvester Stallone, he keeps the world safe from crazy bank robbing Albert Einsteins and the historic figures they adore. This article is not to talk down on Mr. Serious, or as his friends call him Yahoo, but to adress the issue that he clealy wasnt serious.
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