Inside Out
Release: May 18, 2015

Emotions run wild in the mind of a little girl who is uprooted from her peaceful life in the Midwest and forced to move to San Francisco in this Pixar adventure from director Pete Docter. Young Riley was perfectly content with her life when her father landed a new job in San Francisco, and the family moved across the country. Now, as Riley prepares to navigate a new city and attend a new school, her emotional headquarters becomes a hot bed of activity. As Joy attempts to keep Riley feeling happy and positive about the move, other emotions like Fear, Anger, Disgust, and Sadness make the transition a bit more complicated. Winner of 10 '16 Annies and a '16 Golden Globe®-and-Oscar® for Best Feature Animation. a cannes film festival '15 official selection. from disney, a pixar animation studios film. "dedicated to our children. don't grow up; ever." general release: june 18, 2015 approved [#49510]/rated pg for mild thematic elements and some action.

Sadness: "[introduces herself to Joy in the console] I'm Sadness."
Joy: "Oh, hello. I… I'm Joy. So… [Sadness presses button] Can I just… If you could… I just want to fix that. Thanks. [Joy & Sadness takes turns pressing the same button.]"
Joy: "[narration] And that was just the beginning. Headquarters only got more crowded from there."
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Joy: "[continues narration; after she emerges and presses the console button for the very first time in Baby Riley's head] And there she was…"
Riley's Mother: "Hello,… Riley."
Riley's Father: "Oh, look at you. Aren't you a little bundle of joy?"
Riley's Father: "[The very first memory sphere is created, as Joy picks up the orb with the parents; in orb] Aren't you a little bundle of joy?"
Joy: "Whoa. [she puts the orb back on the rail and rolls as the space becomes colorful around her]"
Joy: "[narration; after she presses the button again] It was amazing. Just Riley and me,… forever… [Joy notices Baby Riley starts crying; soft moan in narrated] Er. For 33 seconds?"
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Joy: "[starting her opening narration; first lines of pure Joy over black] Do you ever look at someone and wonder… 'What is going on inside their head?' Well, I know. -ell I know Riley's head."
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