This Island Earth
Release: June 01, 1955
Release: June 01, 1955

Scientist Cal Meacham is given a invitation by the mysterious Exeter. Exeter offers to send him to a secret lab apparently in the hope for peace. Cal then comes across an old friend Ruth Adams and they both start to discover that all isn't as it seems. Exeter is actully from the another planet intending to make a new fuel source to aid his home planet Metaluna. Cal and Ruth no longer have to worry about escaping the island but now head on an intergaltic journey. This film was also featured in Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie in which 20 minutes of the film was edited out.

Joe Wilson: "Cal, I - I know everybody's seeing flying saucers and screwy lights up in the sky. Well, you can put me in the booby hatch too, because, so help me, I saw this ship turn a bright green up there."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Are you sure, Joe?"
Joe Wilson: "Positive."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Did you hear anything?"
Joe Wilson: "Yes. A high-frequency howl, very high, all the time your ship was..."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Green. Did Webb see it?"
Joe Wilson: "Unless he's blind."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Check him."
Joe Wilson: "Right."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Oh, and Joe... until we find out what happened, all three of us were blind."
Joe Wilson: "Half an hour late. That's my boss - the only guy in the world who can travel by jet and still be late."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "You boys like to call this the push button age. It isn't, not yet. Not until we can team up atomic energy with electronics. Then we'll have the horses as well as the cart."
Dr. Ruth Adams: "It's only Neutron. We call him that because he's so positive."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "This isn't paper, it's some kind of metal!."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Iterociter incorporating planetary generator. Iterociter with voltarator. With astroscope."
Joe Wilson: "Here's something my wife could use in the house. An "iterociter incorporating an electron sorter."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Oh, she'd probably gain 20 pounds while it did all the work for her. You know, Joe, according to this, there's no limit to what it can do. Laying a 4-lane highway at the rate of a mile a minute would be a cinch."
Joe Wilson: "Cal... maybe we've been working too hard."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Complete line of iterociter parts, incorporating greater advances than hitherto known in the field of electronics." What exactly is an iterociter?"
Joe Wilson: "I don't know, and I don't want to know."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Well, I do. I want to know what it is and what it does. Order the list of parts on these pages."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "What do you think of Mr. Mozart, Exeter?"
Exeter: "I'm afraid I don't know the gent.... My mind must have been wandering. Your composer, of course."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Our composer! He belongs to the world."
Exeter: "Yes, indeed."
Dr. Ruth Adams: "My mind is my own, and nobody's going to change it! I'm not going into that room!"
Exeter: "Yes, they're concentrating all their attention on Metaluna. Those flashes of light... they're meteors... hundreds of them! Intense heat is turning Metaluna into a radioactive sun. Temperature must be... thousands of degrees by now. A lifeless planet. And yet... yet still serving a useful purpose, I hope. Yes, a sun. Warming the surface of some other world. Giving light to those who may need it. Now, into the converter tubes! Ruth, you take the first tube. You the next."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "What about you?"
Exeter: "I'll use the third tube."
The Monitor: "It is indeed typical that you Earth people refuse to believe in the superiority of any world but your own. Children looking into a magnifying glass, imagining the image you see is the image of your true size."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Our true size is the size of our God!"
The Monitor: "Then you know that shortly we can expect Zagon to commence and sustain an all-out attack. Our ionization layer must be maintained until our relocation is effected."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Relocation? To where?"
The Monitor: "To your Earth."
Exeter: "A peaceful relocation. We hope to live in harmony with the citizens of your Earth."
Dr. Ruth Adams: "In harmony!"
The Monitor: "Our knowledge and weapons would make us your superiors, naturally."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Then why haven't your "superior" brains solved the problem of synthesizing uranium?"
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Sun lamp?"
Dr. Ruth Adams: "That's what it looks like. Only instead of a suntan, you get your brain cells rearranged."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "Where am I?"
Dr. Ruth Adams: "Georgia."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "I kind of expected Neptune."
Dr. Cal Meacham: "I feel like a new toothbrush."
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