The Big Bang
Release: March 18, 1987
Release: March 18, 1987

In the future, two seperate countries that have survived WWIII are at war and they both create a weapon that could possibly create a FOURTH World War. It's up to a garbageman/superhero named Fred.

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Liberty: "[while escaping with Fred] Are we going to save the universe?"
Fred Hero: "For the universe, I need a lightbulb!"
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Bonehead: "[taking Liberty to the missile bunker] And viola! The Big One!"
Liberty: "Bonehead, you are a good person. Kiss me. [then she kisses Bonehead]"
Bonehead: "Kissed you. That's not quite I had unknown."
Liberty: "I don't see any big one. Are you sure is this right?"
Bonehead: "Yes, and you said you do something special! [then came the Big One rises against liberty on the cone.]"
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Jesus: "What is it, darling?"
God: "Don't know. Sonded like the universe is going up."
Jesus: "Ah."
God: "[sighs] God rittens."
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Fred Hero: "[starts reading his speech] Ahem! People of Earth, I've come in peace. [then it explodes]"
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Fred Hero: "[repeated line] Ah, super-shit!"
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