Release: February 26, 1988
Release: February 26, 1988

In Hong Kong an illegal, brutal and sometime lethal martial arts competition is being staged. Fighters come from all over the globe to compete in the three day 'kumite' with the last man standing being declared the world champion

Young Frank Dux: "I wasn't going to steal it"
Young Frank Dux: "What kind of a deal?"
Jackson: "Kumite Express leaves in 5 minutes! -Jackson"
Chong Li: "you break my record, now i break you, like i broke your friend -Chong Li"
kumatae judges: "prepare the platform for the final battle -kumatae judges"
Frank Dukes: "You always told me to keep an open mind! -Frank Dukes"
Ray Jackson: "That hurts me just lookin' at it. -Ray Jackson"
Senzo Tanaka: "You are not Japanese! You are not a Tanaka! -Senzo Tanaka"
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